Just sayin' "Hello"

  1. mandopops
    Not so much a discussion as an intro since I just joined the group. I've been meaning to do so for a while.

    I like most of the Blues Mandolin Cats from Charlie McCoy thru DelGrosso.

    I was was lucky enuf to hear Johnny Young way back.(I don't know if that makes me cool or old. A bit of both I guess). It was before I ever played Mandolin, but I thought he was good. I heard him a couple of times w/ Bob Reidy & a couple of times under his own name.
    I saw & met Yank, Carl Martin & Howard Armstrong, so it paid off being from the Chicago area.

    Maybe I can post something like pix or playing at some point. I guess I'll have to figure out how.

    Anyway, Hello.
  2. Bert Deivert
    Bert Deivert
    I would love to see pic of those guys if you have them!!!

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