Three lines on the headstock

  1. JeffD
    Which models have the three lines on the headstock. What does it mean.
  2. Ray(T)
    The example on the National website has this feature. I've always thought that this was a feature of the early models but now I'm not sure. Perhaps its one of their $200 upgrades but the list isn't explicit enough to tell.
  3. Shelagh Moore
    Shelagh Moore
    Three lines on the headstock
    Each line wondering where it’s from
    There they lie on the headstock
    Somewhere on my RM-1

    (with apologies to Sammy Cahn)

    I've also understood that they're just on earlier models and read somewhere that the metal badge was later adopted as it was quicker to fit and therefore saved a little time and money. But I might be wrong.
  4. biologyprof
    (A reply creeps up after all this time) FWIW, my walnut RM-1 has the "Three lines on the headstock". It was made in September, 2008. Serial #142**.
  5. Jim Garber
    Jim Garber
    I am not all that sure about this, but the walnut model is the only one on the current site that shows the 3 lines.

    On another note: I am little confused by the three models pictured on the National site. The maple has a pickup in it and then there is the RM-1V. That looks like the maple one without the pickup.
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