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  1. stringman1
    I received my new Northfield #84 last week,a "Big Mon" model.Words cannot explain it but i will try.It leaves nothingn to be desired,the looks,with the varnished finish,the black ivorylike tuner buttons,the color,the awesome pickguard,tha James tailpiece and so on and on.Volume and tone are both out of this world.....the lows are deep,dry and woody....the highs are crisp and don't sound metallic at all as so many mando's have trouble in this area....sparkling highs!!!This mando compares to ones costing 5 times as much....HANDS DOWN!!!!Northfield is a force to be reckoned with in the mando world and I am very proud to be the owner of #84!!!1
  2. stringman1
    Adrian Bagale is the nicest guy you would ever want to work with and his professionalism and passion for these Northfield mandolins run deep.I will never need another mandolin(unless I decide to order an "a" model).I guess my f-5 will hang on the wall for now with some of my others.I would highly recommend a Northfield to anyone.
  3. Gabriel Wiseman
    Gabriel Wiseman
    I just picked up #70 yesterday which has not been played much. After about 2 hours of playing it is starting to open up very nicely. Plays great and sounds amazing. Love the tone and workmanship on this mandolin.
  4. Richard Eskite
    Richard Eskite
    My new F-2S came in last week,. After lowering the action and more careful adjustment of the bridge to improve intonation, it's pretty darn nice. Still working on break-in, but it's opened up nicely so far. These are very pretty mandolins and mine is quite a bit louder than I expected with very impressive sustain. Since it's my first oval hole as well as my first Northfield, I didn't really know what to expect, but so far, I am quite pleased. I play mostly Irish and it seems well suited to the task.
  5. CeeCee_C
    I love my new Northfield F5-S. OK, maybe it's a "stripped-down" model, but it's the sound that counts; and it sounds *FANTASTIC*. Almost as good as my Collings MF in some ways and better in some others (chops, for example. It's got more bark.) In fact, the two are remarkably similar in appearance. They're very different in sound coloring, but both have great sounds. For all of its plusses, the Northfield is half the price of the Collings. Now I need a Northfield t-shirt.
  6. David Smith
    David Smith
    I purcahased my new Northfield F5s the first week of July and put it down from time to time to sleep. Took it to the Mando/banjo/fiddle Swananoa Gathering and was able to hear it side by side with Emory Lester's. Why did it sound so much different when he and Mike Marshall played it? Go figure. I was fortunate to have Lyn Dudenbostel perform his set up magic and boy did that make a difference. Needless to say we are in the midst of a flaming love affair! The Northfield and me that is.
  7. Gina Willis
    Gina Willis
    Got my lightly pre-owned Northfield NF5-S last week and enjoying it immensely.
    The instrument just feels so much lighter, more alive, and it sings and rings so pleasingly.
    Very pretty with its single-piece back, too.
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