#174 On the way!

  1. pjlama
    Funny enough I've been a member of the Kimble social group for quite a while but never played one. That's about to change. I was on the Carmel site last night and saw that Dexter had #174 up for sale used. It appears to be from June 2010, it's an A. I'll have it next week sometime. I'm hoping for good things as my MAS runs deep and needs to stop. I talked to Dexter for a while and relayed my deepest mandolin desires. He seems to think I'll be happy. I have a few of you Kimbleoanians to blame but I've been curious for too long so. Now it's time to hunker down and wait
  2. pjlama
    I know you're losing sleep on when my new mando is coming by the sheer volume of response tobthis discussion Anyway I'll have it tomorrow and am very excited to see what all the hub bub is about. I'll report back asap as I can see the anticipation is lighting up the Kimble social group.
  3. sgarrity
    So what do ya think?
  4. mritter
    Hey PJ,
    I have Kimble's A #128 and F #151. Curious to hear your observations.

    BTW, just traded the Collings MF5 Dlx V off for an Ellis F Special.
  5. Carleton Page
    Carleton Page
    SO What do you think? [I] almost bought that exact mandolin new. I decided after much agonizing and discussion with Will that I wanted to try Adi/ sugar. So [I] got a 2 point in that combo.(I absolutely love it by the way.) That #174 is beautiful though.
  6. pjlama
    Ok I guess I don't have notifications turned on or something so here's the poop...
    Great mandolin, loud, beautiful, etc. but it just lacked some detail and clarity so I sent it back. I know this is disappointing but it just wasn't there for me. I would like to try an Adi but the Englemann was too boxy but I'm looking forward to trying another, it was impressive but not quite what I was looking for. Sorry Kimbleonians but it's best to be honest on such matters but I can see why everyone's excited, he's got it going on I just need a a little red on top.
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