Bela Bartok

  1. stevenmando
    I love Bela Bartok and his music i friended Avi Avital on face book he played the Romanian Folk Dances on Mandolin i got the music and started to learn the pieces for me kind of difficult but started a while ago its a on and off relationship sometimes putting it aside i can go back and discover something new about my playing well im back again learning the pieces has anyone out there in mando land tackled these pieces the last ones a bitch the timing is quite fast but listening to Avi Avital makes these pieces come alive on the mandolin .
  2. aconnormartin
    I have not! But I would love to learn them. I am currently working on a particular Bach Peice but I was planning on getting into Romanian Folk and Old Italian tunes once I master Cello Suite No.1! Post some links of Avi's playing if you like!
  3. stevenmando
    Hi i have been away from the board for a while! I have a book on Bach which is great but i seem to go back and forth on music. I have played some old Italian music over the years and have memorised them after a while your fingers seem to play the music with out you thinking about it.
  4. Pasha Alden
    Pasha Alden
    Hi there

    Very new to this list. Also much a beginner on the mandolin. Would love to hear these pieces you mention. Also do you know of anywhere where I could find suitable classical pieces for mandolin beginners?

    With thanks

  5. aconnormartin
    Go to
    You can find pretty much anything that is over 100 years old there for any instrument. The first peice I fully learned was Bach'sCello Suite#1 Prelude transcribed for mandolin.

    Hope that helps,

  6. Tom Wright
    Tom Wright
    Bartok's duets for violin start off easy, as I recall. Kind of like Mikrokosmos (piano instruction), they are clever while being very simple at first. For that matter, the first books of the Mikrokosmos set would be useful even reading only the top (treble) line. But you could record one line of the duets and play along with the other part.
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