very mysterious string guides!

  1. JohnFilm
    So quick question as I am in no way a luthier ... I got this from my father in law a while back and it totally kicksa*s. Thing is ... both on the saddle and on the nut ... there are two additional string guides, one between the E and A strings, right in the middle and the other between the D & G strings again, right in the middle. They were clearly filed in later as they don't run nearly as deep but why would they be there? Has anyone seen anything quite like it?

    They don't bother me at all so I'm not going to worry about replacing them. (the saddle or the nut) but ... curiosity has definitely gotten the better of me.

    I also posted a bunch of pics of this badboy so if anyone if their experience has any info not already posted in the group ... I'd love to hear it. I should also tell you that I just bought a waverly cloud tailpiece and cover that was taken off a 1922 Gibson AJr so as soon as I put it on, I'll post some pics.

    I have a newer (2010) Fender and my StradOLin has such a bigger sound. Man did I luck out.
  2. Bruce Clausen
    Bruce Clausen
    Really good photos! Thanks for posting. Your Strad comes from the "pointy-head" period, which I'm guessing is post-WW2. Maybe circa 1950? You've looked inside for a stamped date, right? The peghead logo is similar but not exactly the same as one posted elsewhere here. As for the bridge, it is a little strange. Here's my guess: maybe an owner wanted to tune it up as a six-string with guitar tuning. So they added two slots and used the original slots for strings 1, 4, 5 and 8. Looks to me like that would give roughly even spacing. Hard to imagine actually playing it that way though.

    Looks like a nice instrument. Can you tell if the top is plywood or actual pressed spruce? (Check for grain lines in the f-holes.)
  3. bmac
    The bridge is really a mystery... It looks as if it might be a bridge for an arch top guitar which someone modified to more or less fit a mandolin?

    Nice to hear you found a cloud tailpiece. I have been hoping to find one for a couple of years.
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