Kimble owner and Butch Baldassari Tribute

  1. dochull
    Hey folks! Doc Hull here. Just a note about the Butch Baldassari Tribute CD project. The CD is titled "The Road Home". It is a compilation of music from artist that either worked with Butch or had a close friendship with him. The Cd includes tracks from an "A" list of artist and people. From Sam Bush to Grisman, Steirnberg, Compton, Roland White also has some great original tunes from folks like Jim Richter who played a duet with Will Kimble. This whole project tuned out to be an amazing effort. Please check it out. The CD will be available through SoundArt records and ALL proceeds go to Butch's family. It is not only designed to raise money but was and is intended to make a statement as to the breadth and depth of Butch's life and talent. He is missed.....I own two Kimble mandolins....A style and BB-25 #4. Will is one of the best out there...I am blessed to have two! Thanks and Peace Doc
  2. Will Kimble
    Will Kimble
    Thanks Doc, I can't wait to hear the CD! Glad to hear you are enjoying the mandolins.

    Will Kimble
  3. JimRichter
    Thanks for the opportunity, Doc. One of the highlights of my life to be among such splendid company, pick a tune with my buddy, and to contribute to a needed, worthy cause. A highlight of my year. And gee, I got to have a tune mastered by Brad Davis.
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