1. Ryan13
    Well Im new to mandolin and i was on wiki and i found the mandobass. I am a bass player and i was wondering if anyone new where to get one.
  2. Appalachia
    You posted this months ago, but I thought I'd respond. Mandobasses are pretty rare, and when you can find them you'll be looking at somewhere from 4k to 10k in price. Your best bet, if you really want one, would probably be to find a luthier who could build you one; it would probably end up sounding better than a vintage one anyway, in my opinion, from what others have said on the forums.
  3. timv
    Well ya know, there's always Wishnevsky in Winston-Salem. He's been the subject of some sport in the electronic mandolin forum, and he definitely marches to the beat of his own drummer. Even his staunchest defenders admit that his instruments are spartan in appearance, but I've always heard that they were fine when it came to playing.

    I still haven't met the guy or even had a chance to look at anything he's built in person. But he says on his website that he'll build a mandobass for around $600. And if he does, you can rest assured at least that it'll be one of a kind.
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