Texans and Mandolins!

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  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    I know there are lots of Texans here, both those who still live there, & those who's heart is still there, even if their body is somewhere else!

    I was born in Houston, & lived within 75 miles of there my whole life. Still have a home there, south of Houston, but now also live in Iowa, & travel back and forth.

    I've been playing the mandolin for 4 years. I also play the OM, mandola, cittern & tenor banjo. I play Old Time/Traditional & Celtic. Have recently started working on New England Dance tunes; lots of fun!

    My newest mandolin is a Texan, too. A honey amber Collings MT2 O that I just bought at Fiddler's Green Music Shop. My other mandos: Weber Bridger A, vintage Martin A, Weber Y2K1 (for sale), Mid-Missouri. My other instruments are a Petersen OM, Petersen Cittern, Petersen Mandola, Apollonia Cittern, Sears Tenor Banjo, Slingerland Maybell Tenor Banjo.
  2. Mike Bunting
    Can I join, I love to visit Austin and my Collings was born there and Texas is sorta the Alberta of the US of A (we're oilmen or cowpokes )
  3. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Sure! But don't you mean that Alberta is the TEXAS of Canada? :-)
  4. opie wan
    opie wan
    As big as Texas is (I'm easily 7 hours from Houston and 6 hours from El Paso) it would seem to me there should be regions within Texas... North, South, East, West, Pan Handle, Central, Coastal.... that ought to be enough. I'm out west... about 4 hours from Austin. When are we going to meet in Austin and have a Texas Mandolin Party..... and as we say in Austin.... HOOKEM!! (Yes, I'm from Austin)
  5. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Hmmm... well, I see that Tennessee has sections.... and maybe once we see if we get TOO many members here, we can.... but, anyone from Texas is used to driving a LONG way to go anywhere!
  6. Keith Erickson
    Keith Erickson
    Howdy from out in the West Texas town of El Paso ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪ ........and well you know the rest of the story
  7. Mike Bunting
    "Sure! But don't you mean that Alberta is the TEXAS of Canada? :-)"

  8. Jon Hall
    Jon Hall
    Do any of you know what Nacogdoches means in indian lingo?

    Long walk to El Paso
  9. Tobin
    Hey y'all! I live just outside Bandera (in the Texas Hill Country).

    "and as we say in Austin.... HOOKEM!! (Yes, I'm from Austin)"

    Yeah, but the higher class folks say GIG 'EM! (Texas A&M Class of '96 - I had to do it!)
  10. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    According to the Handbook of Texas Online, Nacogdoches was named for the Nacogdoche Indians, a Caddo Indian group.

  11. Wesley
    Hi there. I'm in North Richland Hills - just north of Ft Worth.
  12. rmartinez
    Mornin' everyone. This is a great idea, so thanks for cooking up this new part of the cafe. I'm originally a Gulf Coaster (Corpus Christi), but I've been in Austin for just over 10 years.
  13. Jon Hall
    Jon Hall
    I'm also originally from Corpus Christi. I graduated from Ray high school in 1966. My wife and I have lived in Nacogdoches since 1973.
  14. littledonnie
    Howdy from Austin! Yes opie wan, lets all meet some weekend. How about Pickin in the park at Fayetteville. I think it's the second saterday of the month uh let me look, yep the second saturday. next one May 9. And I went to St Eds, and my mando was born in Colorado.
  15. ccravens
    Hello from East Texas, just outside of Crockett, where Davey once slept. And Barbara, I worked and wrote many articles for the Handbook of Texas when I was working at UT Austin. Mando player who just got my bouzouki-tuned OM yesterday. I may be getting a bit of the CBOM fever!
  16. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    CBOM fever... that's worse that Cedar Fever, isn't it!

    I hear ya there, I've got MY share of CBOMS! No Bouzouki yet, though!

  17. Jon Hall
    Jon Hall
    Chris, I'm sure I've heard of you before. I think we have a mutual friend. Do you know Steve Hartz?

    Skip Gorman is playing in Nacogdoches on Sunday night. It will at Millard's Crossing and begins at 7:00 with a covered dish supper at 6:00. Admission is a donation at the door. A group of people have already paid Skip and the venue.
  18. ccravens
    Hey Jon,
    No I've not heard of Steve, but that doesn't mean we've never met - I'm absolutely horrible with names. In your neck of the woods, I've been out to the Sandyland bluegrass get-together a couple of times. And of course I go to Grapeland's Salmon Lake Park festivals (3 a year) since it's really close to us. Went to a fiddle summer camp there on the grounds of your SFA last summer, and will probably go again this summer, especially since they are going to have a guitar section also this time. Barbara - my instrument is really an OM, but tuned like a zouk in GDAD, with the 2 lower strings octaved. And judging from the CBOM message board (videos) you DO have your share!
  19. Jon Hall
    Jon Hall

    Since you don't know Steve perhaps it was Charles Gardner that mentioned you. Charles has been involved with the Texas Fiddlers organization for a long time and was one of the organizers of the fiddle camp you attended.
  20. clem
    Howdy folks. I live in the Hill Country, near Dripping Springs (at least its the closest town) on the banks of the lovely Pedernales River. Actually, I am pretty close to the Collings factory and have good friends there. My main mandolin is a Collings MT2V and I also have a Sumi SF-5 for those times when I'm feeling the need for a scroll. I play with the Austin Mandolin orchestra (which is always looking for new members, hint, hint) and a couple of bands in Austin (where I get to play e-mando sometimes).

    But the best mandolin-esque thing about Central Texas is the proximity to fine mandolin playing friends and teachers like Richard Sommers and Paul Glasse (both of whom hang out here on the Cafe). I am quite lucky to be able to pick with and learn from them. Humbling and a heck of a lot of fun.

    Keep sawing them strangs and hope our paths cross soon.

    Clem aka Geoff
  21. Bill Snyder
    Bill Snyder
    Howdy. I live near Temple in the central part of the state.
    Jon, I met my wife while I was in college in Nacogdoches a couple of decades ago.
  22. Jon Hall
    Jon Hall

    Your wife and you need to visit Nac. Be sure and come on a weekend and join the jam downtown on Saturday afternoon.
  23. Keith Erickson
    Keith Erickson

    That's too funny!!!! Everything is a long walk to El Paso when coming from other parts of Texas
  24. Keith Owen
    Keith Owen

    I am a poor mandolin player but a good Texan and a good Aggie. So maybe I'll fit in here...
  25. opie wan
    opie wan
    Just to let you guys know. We're having the "Simply Texas Blues Festival" in San Angelo, Texas May 8 and May 9. We're on the main bill the night of the 9th. I will be introducing San Angelo to its one and only blues mandolin player. We're opening with an acoustic set and I'll be playing my Sumi S-5. Ya'll can come out and stay at the Blues Inn (a downtown hotel with a blues theme) or a local hotel. Tickets to the main show are 75 bucks and are to benefit the San Angelo Blues Society. I'm excited about it. I hope ya'll will come out and support your local mandolin player.
  26. Capt. E
    Capt. E
    Hey everyone. I'm in Austin and play cajun accordion in addition to my two mandolins: a Weber Bighorn and a vintage japanese made Shiro A style. I started the mandolin only about a year ago and find it the best thing since... Working on double stops and increasing my repetoir. May go to the Pickin' in the Park in Fayetteville on May 9th. I need to jam more.
  27. Capt. E
    Capt. E
    An Austin mandolin party is a great idea. I'm all for it. Maybe we can get Tom Ellis in South Austin to host it. He's got a lot of space around his shop. Or maybe Collings in Drippin'. Get a tour of a quality mandolin shop in the process.
  28. mritter
    Just like Clem a few lines up, I live on the Southwest side of Austin very near Collings.

    I'll second Geoff's remarks re: Paul Glasse. What a nice guy. He's taken me on as a student. Not sure he knew what he was getting into.
  29. mritter
    Hey John. How's that new (old) Epiphone you just got?
  30. Capt. E
    Capt. E
    The epi was fine for what it is, but I decided I liked the money more and have already sold it for a bit more than I had in it. My Weber and my Shiro are plenty for now...until I get the money to buy an Ellis.
  31. ChrisStewart
    Howdy All,
    Another mando player from Aggieland (but I have to admit that I am indifferent to university affiliations)
  32. Keith Owen
    Keith Owen
    Hey Barbara - Where's your home South of Houston? My inlaws are down on Galveston Bay.
  33. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Keith, my home in Texas is near Alvin and Pearland.... a town named Manvel. Will probably be gobbled up by Houston in the next 10 years!

  34. HddnKat
    I'm just south of Austin in Hays - there's a fun bluegrass jam down here every Thursday night at the Railroad BBQ in Manchaca - I drop in whenever my praise band isn't practicing that night. Sounds like a mandolin party in Austin would be a good time, but I vote for one on the south end of town!
  35. Keith Owen
    Keith Owen
    Barbara, I know where Manvel is. I have some friends that live near Alvin. My mother-in-law lives in San Leon. The storm did quite a job on that part of the world.
  36. Capt. E
    Capt. E
    Love S. Austin jams. Need to drop by Railroad BBQ some Thursday. The other one I know of south are the Sunday afternoon jams at Artz Rib House; an institution.
  37. Chris Hasty
    Chris Hasty
    Hi, my name is Chris. I grew up in San Angelo, but I now live in Fort Worth. Since I really don't know anyone else that plays mandolin, this might be a good way to find a few people in the area.
  38. Mike Bunting
    Capt. E, where is Railroad BBQ?
  39. HddnKat
    Railroad BBQ is on FM 1626 just about 1 mile east of where Manchaca Road deadends at 1626. Or if you're coming down I35, you exit at FM1626-Onion Creek Pkwy, turn right on 1626, and its right before the railroad tracks.
  40. Mike Bunting
    Does Onion Creek run thru the Old Settlers festival site? (Checking my memory).
  41. littledonnie
  42. littledonnie
    Still checking if anyone is going to the jam in Fayetteville this Saturday?
  43. MEfromLE
    Hi -- I grew up in Texas and I just moved back here recently (from NYC). I live in Little Elm and I play Irish and old-time music on my Old Wave F4.
  44. MandoManic
    I'm a transplant to Texas from Iowa and have been here in Waxahachie three years.
  45. sonnyjammer
    Howdy, I live near Fort Hood, 65 miles north of Austin. Enjoy going to the Jam at Pearl on the first Saturday each month. Also love going to Fiddlers Green in Austin to lust after altmans, and collings. Ben is very fun to talk to, and I played a Kentucky KM1000 recently and ended up buying even though I had plenty mandos already. Kinda cool to see all these other folks in Texas, perhaps will meet a few as the years go by. Blue Skies to All, Sonny
  46. Bud Barnwell
    Bud Barnwell
    Hey Amigos and Amigas

    I was born here in West Texas. Live and work in these lovely sandhills LOL!
    I've just started playing mandolin again after an 8 year sabbatical. It's really like starting over again. I'm still in the woodshed right now. I just bought a Loar LM 600 VS. Looking forward to visitin with everybody.
  47. wbb
    Hi all I live in Beeville, love Bluergass just learning the mandolin.
    "I don't play the mandolin I play with it"
  48. Mike Fisher
    Mike Fisher
    I'm from San Marcos. Looking for a good jam!
  49. David Newton
    David Newton
    I'm in Beaumont, just over from El Paso, hi Kieth!
    I'd love to get together for a jam, 'cause I can't play mandolin, I play guitar. Somebody has to play back-up, that would be me.
  50. rekx
    Hey folks....checking in here...I am in Dallas....
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