Stradolin oval holes - how many are out there?

  1. Cary Fagan
    Cary Fagan
    Finally got around to posting pics of my Stradolin oval hole. I had bought this intending to fix it up and sell it as I have others. But in the end I couldn't let it go. I just love the thing. Play it either on my own or in old time settings.

    I know nobody actually knows the answer but I can't help asking; how many ovals are out there? In several years of watching ebay I've only seen 3 for sale, including mine. And I've seen one for sale (by Big Joe, i think) and one on Jake Wildwood's site. Plus photos of one other in the group here. But I've seen pics of dozens of f-hole Strads. So it seems to me they're uncommon, if not rare. I suppose they did not make them after a certain date (some time in the thirties?) as f-holes were more popular.

    Any thoughts?
  2. DerTiefster
    I saw one on CL a few months ago. I held off asking about it for (what seemed like) weeks, but finally broke down and asked about it. The seller had an oval and an ff-hole instrument for sale, and the oval was gone by the time I replied. I really didn't need another instrument and wouldn't have been able to explain/justify it, so I'm somewhat relieved. But it does seem like an opportunity missed. However, I enjoy the BG-440 I have, and the Breedlove KO is nice, too. They provide an interesting flat vs. radiused fretboard comparison. I've seen 2 on ebay and at least one, maybe 2 on CL.

    By the way, just looked at your pics, and the instrument looks quite nice. Was it an ebay fixer-upper?
  3. Cary Fagan
    Cary Fagan
    I did get it on ebay. The back had loosened, easy to fix, and the edges were all chipped (I restained them). Needed a bridge. Now I'm refretting it, which it needed. My first refret job. But it was solid otherwise, no cracks.
  4. bmac
    I just noticed another oval hole on eBay and it seems to be a beauty. Although I can't afford another right now, I will be looking for one as soon as my wife looks the other way.
  5. Lowball17
    Hey Group. I recently completed the purchase of a Stadium branded Strad oval and it should be here in a week or so. It seems to be in very good condition judging by the photos my seller sent me. All laminate construction, no purfling or binding, very plain visually, but a nice sunburst finish that's mostly intact. Really looking forward to setting it up and playing. I've posted a couple pics from the seller in the group photos section. The ovals are out there, just keep looking!
  6. Cary Fagan
    Cary Fagan
    Nice going, lowball. There was recently an oval hole on ebay that sold for much lower than usual, I think about $120. Somebody got a bargain.
  7. Lowball17
    Cary, my total outlay was under $100 - I ran across it on one of those 'search all Craigslist' type sites. We'll see what kind of shape it's really in pretty soon.
  8. bmac
    Cary: That is interesting. I thought the recent ebay one would have gone for much more than $120. If I recall it was in pretty good shape.

    Lowball: You did really well!! I am going to have to search more diligently for an oval hole. I don't know how much you are into repair but my recent f hole Strad-O-Lin was in terrible condition but it restored nicely as a player.
  9. bmac
    One of our members, who's name begins with letter "R" scored a nice oval hole Stradolin at a reasonable price. Looks like an easy fix, hopefully. Had I seen it first he would be weeping... But now I'm weeping. Congratulations "R".
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