New Ohio Festival!!!

  1. DannyB
    I should have done this sooner but anyway there is a new festival start up and it's in Van Wert, Ohio at the county fairgrounds. It starts today and runs through Sunday afternoon. If it's a success it will probably become a regular venue, as in National acts and such next year. Our band along with Lori Lynn and New Outlook and a number of other bands are playing this year and on top of that there is a flea market there also.

  2. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    Sorry I missed it! How did it go?
  3. DannyB
    Haven't been here for a while but the festival was good. The weather was a factor that didn't help any but we had a great time anyway. I just played the opry barn which is the same promoter and they are moving this festival to the first weekend in May I believe, corresponds with when the Ottawa, Ohio festivals use to be. I wish it would move to August myself since I think that was the big one they use to have. I'll update as I find out more.
  4. justkaron
    Danny....keep us posted on the festivals if you can.
    Just checked out your profile and saw Kentucky Border. I'm impressed! Ya'll sound great!!
    Do you ever play anywhere around the Cincinnati area? I live in Monroe....25 miles north of Cincy.
    I'm a rank beginner ....just starting to try to play. I would sure love to see more bluegrass in Ohio.
  5. DannyB
    We haven't played in the Cincy area as of yet but we haven't been around that long so it's something I'd like to do. Thanks for the compliments we do work hard to try to play to the best of our abilities and then just hope people like and appreciate what we do. They are having that festival again in 2012 and as I get more info I'll put it up but when we play it's on our website. I'm just waiting for some info before I put it on the calendar. Have a good one....Oh, one other thing, there is quite a bit of bluegrass in the cincy area Jets Creek is down there along with Joe Mullins and many more you just have to find where they are. Also there are 2 indoor festivals in Wilmington each year that are also good...

  6. kaybone
    Hey Danny,

    Also very nice to see Kentucky Border on the Mohican Festival Bill this year. I'm looking forward to it! Did you get a full time banjo picker yet?
  7. Dukaine
    Hey Danny,
    Sorry I missed the festival. Keep us posted on your when and where's.
  8. Brian scott
    Brian scott
    Hey my Dad operates the bluegrass opry barn and and the Vanwert Bluegrass festival.2013 was a great festival we had awesome weather and we are looking forward to this years festival
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