RM 1....maple vs walnut...?

  1. toydesign
    Anyone had the opportunity to A/B the RM-1 Walnut with the RM-1V (Maple w/steel)?

    I've seen this thread ( http://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/gr...uss&gmid=25717 ) , but am curious if anyone else has tried the maple version?

    I have the opportunity to pick up a RM-1 V for a good price, but it seems from all the posts, YouTube videos, etc. that everyone has the walnut version.

    Are the maple versions brand new?

    Thanks for any info or insights!
  2. Ray(T)
    I think you'll find that the RM-1V is a relatively recent version which will be why everyone seems to have the walnut version. I haven't been able to make a comparison (RMs are relatively rare here in the UK) but I suspect that the differences are largely cosmetic rather than anything to do with the sound. The sound for both is generated in the same way and I doubt whether a maple body would sound significantly different from a walnut body.

    There will inevitably be those who think they can hear a difference but ignore the differences brought about by setup + brand, type and age of strings.
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