Monroe on Sugarmegs

  1. Mike Bunting
    Here's a link to Sugarmegs as mentioned on the main list
  2. Billy1
    That's a good idea putting that up Mike! There are some really priceless Monroe recordings there!
  3. Mike Bunting
    I'm just posting the info I got from you on that other thread so thank you, I'm enjoying sugarmegs (whatever that means!).
  4. SilverAngelFan
  5. mandolirius
    It's been a while since there was any activity here. Sugarmegs has some great stuff but I have some shows, like the 1980 Vancouver show that's not on there and I'm thinking some of us may have some show we could make available to each other. Is there any interest in starting a little show-trading scene here among us dyed-in-the-wool Monroe fans?
  6. mandolirius
    Guess I'll take that as a "no".
  7. Mike Bunting
    I've been computerless for the last few days, so out of the loop. I think it's a great idea but unfortunately I've gotten whatever shows I have from you so I don't know if I would be much help.
  8. mandolirius
    Yeah, I was hoping I might stimulate some others to chime in. Oh well....
  9. Mike Bromley
    Mike Bromley
    Great resource, huh. An insanely definitive version of "Paddy on the Turnpike".....
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