National mandola or octave mandolin?

  1. toydesign
    Maybe I'm jumping the gun here, having only had my RM-1 a week or so, but has anyone seen/heard anything about National expanding their mandolin offerings into mandolas or om's?
  2. BarbWire
    I was thinking along those lines myself. They do custom work. If you have the money you might ask. I have them making me a RM-1 with rope binding around the body ! Bob Brozman said it's the only one they've ever made. I expect to take delivery in February. Repost if they tell you they'll do it. I'd be interested my self and congradulations on your RM-1 !
  3. toydesign
    Thanks Barb....your RM-1 sounds amazing...hope you post a photo!
    Unfortunately I don't have the cash to get a custom job right now but I may venture the question to them so I know if its possible.
  4. BarbWire
    I'd be curious. Thanks
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