help on this mando

  1. JohnM2001
    Saw THIS ONE ON EBAY, listed as a Strad, the whole thing looks like a refin to me, and that rose painted on the headstock...well, dunno about that. Anyway, what's the group opinion, is this a Strad, if so, what model/era? I'm no ax-pert, but to me it looks like the bridge is non-original, he stated that the pickguard was added later, and I noticed that the bridge is located in the center of the f-holes, while most Strads have the bridge near the bottom of the f-holes. Plus these f-holes have the "comma" style cuttings. Not sure what all this means, but would love to hear your opinions.

  2. MikeEdgerton
    It's a Harmony, not a Strad-O-Lin.
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