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  1. aconnormartin
    Okay, most of you probably already know of this website for sheet music but you can get almost anything here. Its like the wikipedia of sheet music! Great stuff for all instruments. Here is the link guys:


  2. BlackChris
    Hi Connor

    thanks for this. i've had a look around and there is some interesting stuff for mandolin but what do you think is the most simple stuff for a beginner (or fairly new still). Any recommendations?

    Thanks for the link!

  3. aconnormartin
    The first piece I ever learned was Bach's Cello Suite No.1 Prelude. I Really just wanted to dive in and learn something that would actually be fun. It is very technical and fast but it is all eighth notes so besides learning the notes you really don't have to worry about anything else!. While learning the Cello Suite, which was my main goal, I would do exercises from a book called "Mel Bay's Complete Mandolin Method" to learn the whole music theory deal at the same time. It helped alot.

    But anyway, remember whatever made you REALLY want to play and just make that your goal no matter how hard and work up to it!

    Best of luck to you! (And by the way welcome to the group! I've been bad at sending welcome messages...)
  4. BlackChris
    Hi, Thanks for that,

    That is the piece i am learning actually. It's also a really instructive piece in terms of the elements within the music that seem to echo into some of the bluegrass tunes - maybe that's just me but it often feels that maybe this Bach music has been soaked into many other styles of music.


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