1. dwilken
    hello all
    dave in sandusky
    beginner, but having fun
  2. Picker Jim
    Picker Jim
    Welcome Dave
  3. justkaron
    Hi Dave and Jim.
    I'm a beginner but working hard at it. No instrument before. Very vague on music theory...working to learn more right now. Have only been working at this for a bit less than 6 weeks. It's really exciting to me right now. Want to keep the momentum.
    Have no access to instruction. Just grabbing stuff off the net. There's a LOT out there but would love to have a teacher to reel me in. Feel I'm flying in too many directions at once. Need a logical progression of lessons I think. are you proceeding? been playing a long time?
  4. DannyB
    Hey Dave,,Fostoria here!
  5. dwilken
    finally logged back on and saw these posts. i'm not moving forward to fast but still having fun. basically picked up the mandolin cause there were to many guitars playing at once. playing old little feat, byrds, beatles, csny, etc... and some originals. i do no picking. just strumming mostly open chords. everytime i start to chop the screaming starts. i got white boxed at work when the ford plant sold last week. gonna take some time off. maybe i'll look into some actual picking now.-dave/sandusky
  6. Londy
    Hey Dave... I am about 20 min from you. I am in the Sheffield Lake area in Ohio. You should look me up if you want to get together sometime. There are not many pickers in Northern Ohio.
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