Monroe - Rock and Roll

  1. Rick Albertson
    Rick Albertson
    See my post today on the Rock... forum re: Bill Monroe's influence on early rock and roll. Would be very interested to receive your comments. Thanks. Rick
  2. justkaron
    Dunno so much about Monroe's influence on rock and roll. Do know about his influence on me. Have the Anthology and listen to disc one frequently. Trying to work out Kentucky Waltz on tabs right now. Can listen to it over and over and love it each time. This CD has the organ music in the background and always makes me want to go roller skating.
  3. mandolirius
    Many early rockers including Carl Perkins and Elvis cited Monroe as a major influence. Monroe's in the R & R Hall of Fame. Also, listen to the original version of Rocky Road Blues and you can hear the blueprint for what was to come. A lot of guitar players of that era admired Monroe's attack on the mandolin, especially in the bluesy numbers and sought to emulate it. Many of the licks Chuck Berry played were the same or similar to things Monroe played.
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