iowa made mandolins

  1. jessboo
    so how many of us play an iowa made mandolin?
    mine was made in New Hartford by Steve Hinde.
    it's red spruce top and big leaf b/s/n blond tp and burgany bust back and sides
  2. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    I've got a mandola, octave mandolin & cittern made by Bill Petersen of Council Bluffs!
  3. ISU Trout Bum
    ISU Trout Bum
    Hi All! I just joined this group today. Been playing for 4-5 years (both mando and zouk), but am really bad. I'm self taught.

    Do you guys have a list of Iowa Luthiers? I'd be really curious to know who and how many builders their are in Iowa. I've looked online a bit, but have come up rather short.


  4. Josh Nelson
    Josh Nelson
    Does Steve Hinde still make mandolins? I live near New Hartford and would be interested in checking out his shop.
  5. jessboo
    yes Steve still making mandolins. he should have three f models about ready to go to new homes. plus a couple of guitars on top of that.
  6. Steve Hinde
    Steve Hinde
    You are more than welcome to stop and see what I am working on. I am out on the road for my day job during the week, but I am home in the shop most weekends.
    This weekend I will be at Strawberry Point at the festival. You should take a little road trip and stop out.
    Give me a call and let me know when you are coming. 319-983-2175.

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