One of a Kind ( so far )

  1. BarbWire
    Well here it is ! It'll be going to Texas before long ! That's the man himself, Don Young, owner of National Reso-Phonic Guitar co.

    I had ask for a picture of him holding this one of a kind mando. Am I spoiled or what. I intend to but it to serious use ! Look out world , here I come ! Speicial thanks to Bob Brozman for making this possible. P.S. What makes it one of a kind is the rope binding.
  2. liestman
    I will be happy to break it in for you, and I do live in Texas so you can't be more than a two day drive away!
  3. BarbWire
    Thanks for the offer. About the only time it won't be in my hands will be when I shower and I'm working on that. I'm in the DFW area. Where you at ?
    Thanks for your interest.
  4. liestman
    I am in Conroe about 30 miles north of Houston. My RM1 would probably get jealous if she found out I was checking out another! Enjoy the heck out of yours - but I would keep it out of the shower!
  5. Yukon_Don
    Why does one need an amplifier with a reso? LHM, I have been playing My National for three years and not being heard is hardly a problem.
  6. BarbWire
    You're right. I don't intend to use it very often. I play acoustic blues for the most part but I have some buddies that play electric and they are loud. This just gives me an option if I need it. Thanks for your interest.
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