End Pin Problems

  1. Ken Scarbrough
    Ken Scarbrough
    Last night after practice I was about to put my quartz00 back in the case when I noticed the strap hanging free of the end pin and when I atempted to put it back on I noticed that the end pin was still in the strap.

    I shot an e-mail to Breedlove asking what to do about this and I got a mail back this morning telling me that my mail had been forwarded to the repair dept and that they would be in touch with me soon.

    Still havent heard back from them, but I was just wondering if this has happened to any other Breedlove owners and if so how did you correct the problem?
  2. Snafu
    Ken, I had same problem awhile back. I have a Quartz FF which I love and would hate to drop it on the floor if the end pin came out. I sent two e-mails to Breedlove without response. Finally phoned them and was told to glue the end pin in place. Problem is, the head of the pin is larger than the hole in the tail-piece through which the pin must go. If glued, tail-piece replacement in future becomes big problem. I wrote what I thought was a very courteous letter to Breedlove explaining what I felt was a design flaw. No response as yet. To make a long story short, my solution was to wrap a layer of scotch tape to the end pin and shove it back in the hole. So far, so good.
  3. Ken Scarbrough
    Ken Scarbrough
    I thank you for your reply Snafu, but I phoned Breedlove up this morning and I spoke with two different gentlemen about this problem. In the end they told me that they would ship a new tailpiece and I should send them back the one that is on there now.

    I consider this Very Good Customer Service since my Breedlove was purchased used from a Cafe member. Anyhow Hats Off to Breedlove for showing that they care about other things than just making a buck.
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