Anyone out there in my build group?

  1. nobullmando74
    Joe said that he is building another F and a Due along side my F mandolin. Just wondering if those folks in my "group" are part of the Mandolin Cafe. I'm looking for delivery in about a month from Mr. Cleary.
  2. Steve Cantrell
    Steve Cantrell
    Looks like I have seven more in front of me. Going to be a long haul, I'm afraid.
  3. nobullmando74
    Ouch Steve! Joe is a little over his initial estimate for time on my build. That's okay though, good things come to those who wait..Almost there. So you're about 6mos or so out? What are you having Mr. Cleary build you? P.S. I'm getting a Hoffee case for my F. Only the best!
  4. Steve Cantrell
    Steve Cantrell
    He told me 12 months back at the end of I am betting I will wait the full twelve months. I am getting an A-style...and I'm betting it will seem like forever.
  5. nobullmando74
    I put my deposit on the F Early May of last year. His initial estimate was 8-10 months. It's so close now, I can almost hear it in my head.
  6. Mike Thomas
    Mike Thomas
    I got the Hicox case for my A440. Great fit, great protection, lots of storage and not too costly. it does weigh a bit more than the Hoffee though, and it isn't watertight either.
  7. nobullmando74
    Hoping to be playing the Campanella soon. It has been a long wait. Just passed the 11th month mark.
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