Howdy from Kernersville

  1. elisdad
    Hi Everyone,

    I received my Kentucky 150 mandolin a few weeks ago. I have been eager to learn it and have learned the melodies of a few simple songs (old joe clark and bury me beneath the willow). I am really enjoying learning mandolin.

    Do any of you folks ever meetup to play and talk mandolin?

  2. timv
    Hi Eric. Thanks for joining up and saying hi.

    A month back, Appalachia and I traded a few thoughts on organizing some kind of real-world get-together in the Triad area. But we didn't hear from anyone else who was interested and kind of put it on hold for a while. If you've got any ideas on when or where, I'm all ears.

    I've been goofing around with Bury Me Beneath the Willow too lately. Nice tune!

  3. elisdad
    Hi Tim,

    I would be interested in meeting up with folks. I am quite new to the mandolin, but I get together with a few buds and play (ukulele) fairly regularly. We aren't the best musicians, but we sing, play, and have a great time. I also hit up the old time jam in Greensboro a few months back and that was a good time. I suspect the hardest part of meeting up is finding a place that will accommodate folks playing music.

  4. drjuliushibbert
    Did this go anywhere?
  5. pickloser
    I'd be up for it. I'm in Winston-Salem.
  6. timv
    Eric and I got together at a park back in the spring and picked for a few hours. It was fun and we planned to do it again and see who else was interested. Then summer hit and stuff came up and we haven't scheduled another one yet. But, you know, you don't want to rush into things like this.

    I'm seriously out of circulation for the next few weeks, but after that I'd be game for just about anything.
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