1. Jim Broyles
    Jim Broyles
    I have waited 48 years for these. I wasn't allowed to wear them in junior high - only the "hoods" wore them.

    They're really gear, luv. Probably make my playing better, too.
  2. billkilpatrick
    jim! - envy!!
  3. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    Bill said "jim! - envy!!"

    To which I say, +1!!
    (Jim, I have NO DOUBT) they'll make your playing better!
  4. richieb
    Beatle boots! We went to see Sir Paul 2 years ago. He came out dressed to the nines in suit, tie and the crowning touch, Beatle boots. Perfect.
  5. billkilpatrick
    btw - what does "nbbd" stand for?
  6. Jim Broyles
    Jim Broyles
    Seriously? New Beatle Boots Day. Doesn't every new arrival have a N_D?
  7. Eddie Sheehy
    It was a New Day Yesterday.... but it's an Old Day Now... Ian Anderson
  8. billkilpatrick
    of course - i should have guessed. (how are your arches holding up?)
  9. Jim Broyles
    Jim Broyles
    Fine. I wear a lot of ankle boots so these feel normal.
  10. GKWilson
    Bought a pair of those babies back in '64. My whole band rocked those boots.
    They cost $75 a pop back then. Hope you feel as cool as we thought we were.
  11. dwilken
    now that brought a smile to my face!!!
  12. Elliot Luber
    Elliot Luber
    Ringo's playing an outdoor concert six miles away from my home across the bay. I can hear him now and again while I watch the Mets vs. Yankees on TV.
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