Pictures of blues mandolin players

  1. bluesmandolinman
    This social group is seriously in trouble as nobody has posted anything for months now

    I don´t want to see it die so I start a new topic to get things going again

    we are watching pictures of mandolins all day but without the players it would be only an expensive string holder not more

    so folks show me your photos of the players you have saved on your harddiscs

    I kick it off :

    Johnny Young

  2. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    I really like this picture of Jimi Hocking.
    Great Blues player, and a very cool guy too!

  3. bluesmandolinman
    Alvin Youngblood Hart playing an old Stradolin

  4. bluesmandolinman
    Gerry Hundt - rockin out some blues on his Harmony

  5. bluesmandolinman
    Steve James on a Vega mandolin banjo

  6. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    Jim Richter playing his Kimble during the pre-camp concert for his 2011 Jim Richter Rock & Blues Mandolin Camp.

  7. bluesmandolinman
    Lino Muoio with a Harmony H35

  8. bmac
    Jerry Hundt, Steve James, Jim Richter and Lino Muoio all have that look of intense concentration on their faces.... Neat!!! I assume the others are singing so I their faces reflect that fact more than their concentration on the instrument...

    Also noticed in these few photos two Harmony Batwings and a Stradolin... How cool is that?
    Also noticed that those four seem to have their eyes closed or close to closed.

    How about some women???
  9. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    bmac wrote: "...How about some women???"

    Here's a few of Andra Faye:

  10. bmac
    When I first took up blues mandolin Andra Faye became one of my favorite blues artists.
  11. bluesmandolinman
    Rory Gallagher with a Martin mandolin

    With "Going to my hometown" it all started for me

  12. maudlin mandolin
    maudlin mandolin
    I have added a picture of Tom McGuiness of The Blues Band and The Manfreds to the group pictures. If anyone knows how perhaps they can link it to here.
  13. bluesmandolinman
    thanks did not know he plays mandolin too...
  14. bluesmandolinman
    Every few weeks I make a google search for my blues mandolin heroes and sometimes newly uploaded photos show up. Just like today when I found this one.

    Well, you may possibly do not understand but these old photos are real treasures for me and make my heart jump up and down.

    Great rare picture of Johnny Young

  15. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    Well, no pics of The Man yet, so here's a couple...

    Yank Rachell

    The Tennesse Jug Busters: Hammie Nixon, Sleepy John Estes, Michael Bloomfield and Yank Rachell
  16. bluesmandolinman
    Howard Armstrong - nice paint !

  17. bluesmandolinman
    244 members in this group and nobody but 2-3 members can contribute´such a pitty

    I got the No_Interest_Blues

  18. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    Watched the internet stream of a great Blues show by Rich DelGrosso & John Del Toro Richardson the other night! If you missed it, you can watch both sets (over two hours of great Blues!) in the "latest Videos" section on this website.

    So, here are a couple pics of Rich:

    Rich performing at the Rum Boogie in Memphis (my favorite music venue on the planet)

    Rich (on his mandola) performing along with John

  19. bluesmandolinman
    hey Ed thanks so much for sharing those livestream links, I have my fun !
  20. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    Here are three Cafe regulars who are great Bluesmen...


    Marc Woodward

    Scott Riggs
  21. bluesmandolinman
    well talking about Cafe regulars I am thinking about Bert Deivert and Mike Hoffmann !

  22. bluesmandolinman
    No problems folks if you are too buisy to participate in this thread I will entertain myself

    Billy Flynn playing the Blues

  23. bluesmandolinman
    Ry with his F4

  24. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    Ry is the MAN! Thanks for posting.
  25. bluesmandolinman
    this is Rainer Wöffler from Germany on a 1921 Gibson A3
  26. Amandalyn
    Great pic/poster! Love the idea, do you know who the graphic artist is or how it was made?
  27. Bert Deivert
    Bert Deivert
    Very cool poster of Rainer, René!

    here is a recent one from a festival in Sweden...
  28. Ron McMillan
    Ron McMillan
    Nice strap!
  29. bluesmandolinman
    Amandalyn : the artist is Jürgen Baron from Nürnberg Germany
    he has no website but in case you want to get in touch with him I could send you his email
  30. bmac
    Love the poster!!! fabulous graphic artist!
  31. bluesmandolinman
    this is Hans Theessink on electric mandolin (brand ?)

  32. bluesmandolinman
    I should have named this thread "Rene´s gallery"... if I can´t motivate you guys well I keep posting myself

    this is Roselyn Lionhart ( of David & Roselyn folk duo) with a dobro mandolin

  33. bmac
    I find it interesting that out of the blues artists pictured four are playing Harmony batwings. Though not regarded as a particularly great sounding instrument three are obviously honoring the fourth, Yank Rachell.
  34. Bert Deivert
    Bert Deivert
    Yeah I have a batwing too. Gig sometimes with it, but yes I bought one because Yank had one, WHY ELSE!? haha
    It is a cute little design though.
    The National RM-1 with hotplate is my main gigging mando though and Don Young and company at National are great to deal with!
  35. bluesmandolinman
    Oh even my superhero Carl Martin was playing a batwing at some point in his career

  36. Bert Deivert
    Bert Deivert
    Nice pic of Carl! He and Yank are my main mandolin heroes!
  37. bluesmandolinman
    Johnny Winter with unknown brand mandolin,

    Can anyone recommend a good recording of Johnny playing mandolin ?

  38. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    Great find Rene!
    I love Johnny Winter but had no idea he played any mandolin.
    I'd love to find out about possible recordings also.
  39. DocWhite
    Doc White - blues mandolin player from Melbourne Australia
  40. Joey Anchors
    Joey Anchors
    This is a great thread!
  41. hrstjo
    Hey guys! This is my first post. Here is a shot of one of my favorite musicians, Pokey Lafarge, playing some blues mando.

  42. acatasus
    Fabulous pictures! I have to see what I can dig up. I may have, at least, a good photo of Steve James and maybe Barry Mitterhoff. I'll have to look.
  43. Bert Deivert
    Bert Deivert
    A nice one of Rich Del Grosso and my trio's guitarist, Janne Zander at the 2012 ÅMÅL BLUES FESTIVAL. Photo by Tony Berg.
  44. Jacqke

    I just finished watching Louie Bluie (Terry Zwigoff film) and really enjoyed his playing.
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