Removing Pick From Resonator

  1. chasgrav
    Really? I dropped my pick and it fell INTO the resonator? Sometimes ya just gotta laugh.

    So, guess what? No amount of inverting and shaking is gonna get it out. And you can't play an RM-1 with a pick rattling around inside. It sounds awful.

    Anyway, the solution is a popsicle stick or tongue depressor. Put a bit of tape on the end fastened down so the sticky side faces out. Poke it on down there through the slots in the resonator cover and snag the bugger, then angle it back up through the slots to where you can grab it from the outside.

    How many out there would have fessed up to that one? Well, at least I wasn't on stage!!!
  2. Ray(T)
    Last time that happened to me, I extricated it with a pair of tweezers.

    Just a thought, nowadays, there are some picks you could loose in there which would increase the value of the instrument?!
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