Red Prairie Dawn by Gary Harrison

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  1. Don Grieser
    Don Grieser
    Here's a beautiful tune with some interesting chords, especially in the B part where you play the C# over a D chord.

    My pals from the RockyGrass academy before it became a zoo, Rich Zimmerman and Brad Murphy play it on on Hilburn instruments here:

    There's sheet music for it here

    I'm hoping some others will take on this tune and give it the full multitrack treatment.

  2. OldSausage
    That sure is an interesting and pretty tune, Don, thanks for introducing it, and playing it so well.
  3. OldSausage
    I found this very pretty one of some British people playing it in G on a damp morning. But when will these poor folks get a capo? I like the "Chris Thile" impersonation by the mandolin player too (sorry Rex if you are reading this, but you have to own it, and to be fair, the mando part is very nice)

  4. Rob Fowler
    Rob Fowler
    Thanks for bringing this tune to the table, Don! That Duff is soundin' reeeeallll nice!

    OS, I just happened on that video the other day and thought the same thing. Not just the mannerisms or playing but dress and hair all Thile-like. A bit to wannabe Thile but, yes, good playing. I don't think they are Brits, though, as Grant Gordy plays with Grisman and lives in Colorado and Mike Witcher is Gabe Witchers' (Punch Brothers) brother. The bass player looks pretty Brit though but I'm probably pretty off about that!

    Anyways... another great tune Don has brought here that I need to learn now.....
  5. Rob Fowler
    Rob Fowler
    I found this video of Julian Lage playing this tune. No mando content....just pure guitar virtuosity.

  6. OldSausage
    Nice one - I just assumed because it seemed to be filmed in Britain. I think both Rex and Miranda (mando and bass) are British, as they play with the Scoville Units. Rex is also a Winfield champ.
  7. Rob Fowler
    Rob Fowler
    Ahh, ok.. The Scoville Units. Man, I've been wanting to hear those guys. Now I'm connecting the dots! Thanks, OS.
  8. Don Grieser
    Don Grieser
    Thanks David and Rob. Rob, I'm very happy with the Duff.

    RPD sounds good in G too. I think there will soon be a lot more videos of this great tune on youtube.
  9. Rob Fowler
    Rob Fowler
    Oh, and I take that comment back about Rex being a bit to Thile. This guy is definitely influenced by the T man but he's got his whole thing going on and is a pretty amazing mandolinist. Can't wait to hear more of his stuff!
  10. OldSausage
    I had a go at it:

  11. GKWilson
    Great stuff. A Saturday morning A5 play-off.
    Two great sounding mandolins playing a beautiful tune.
    That's a win win situation. Thanks guys.
  12. Don Grieser
    Don Grieser
    That was beautiful, David. I knew you'd fix this melody up and make it shine. Very tasty arrangement and playing. You're a quick study, my friend.
  13. OldSausage
    Thanks Gary, and thanks very much Don, that's a cool little tune. I guess 3 years of Song-A-Week has helped me pick things out quicker
  14. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    What a great tune! Nicely played Don and David. Speaking of Thile, my old band and I once played in a bluegrass contest against, among others, Thile & Co. He must have been all of 10 or 11 years old. Everyone could tell he was something special even then.
  15. OldSausage
    Thanks Michael. That Chris Thile gets everywhere, you can't swing a banjo head without hitting him. I suppose he won, did he?
  16. David Hansen
    David Hansen
    Don, what a great tune, thanks so much for sharing this with us. It really is a fun tune to play.

    David, excellent interpretation and execution. Your recordings are sounding so crisp & clean these days, very nice stuff.

    Here's my go on the usual cast of characters:

  17. OldSausage
    Excellent playing David, and I love the rhythmic variations - always an inspiration.
  18. Rob Fowler
    Rob Fowler
    Dang it, Don. I was going to get more done today but I instead HAD to try and learn this tune. Here's what I got today so far.....

    Another one that's gonna stick with me for a LOOONNNGGGG time, I'm sure.
  19. OldSausage
    None can resist the Red Prairie Dawn! Excellent, Rob, sounding really great and your mando is ringing like a bell.
  20. Don Grieser
    Don Grieser
    David Hansen--that's what I was hoping to hear from you with the concertina and those Sobells. Yes sir. Love your arrangement and your interpretation of the tune. I always learn something from your videos.

    Rob, that's some fine playing. It took me weeks to get where you got in a day. Sounding really great!

    What an addicting tune! The first time through is free. Just try it once.
  21. Rob Fowler
    Rob Fowler
    Thanks David and Don. I always appreciate your guys' comments!
  22. sgarrity
    Don, thanks for introducing this tune. What a beautiful melody and the Duff sounds perfect!! OS....masterful rendition as always. I love the tone you pull out of that Silver Angel. Mr.'re a one man recording studio! I love the multi-instrument treatment. And Rob, powerful right hand as usual.

    I decided to slow this one down a bit. And I'd hate to break up the A-style parade so here it is on the Heiden:

  23. Rob Fowler
    Rob Fowler
    Great rendition, Shaun! It's nice to hear that beautiful Heiden again and I like the slower tempo of this "soon-to-be-legendary" tune.
  24. OldSausage
    You sound great at any speed Shaun, nice.
  25. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Can't let you guys have all the fun.

  26. Rob Fowler
    Rob Fowler
    Man, this is the tune that just keeps on giving! That was awesome on the resonator, Michael. Oh, and David I really enjoyed your production and the multitracking and those Sobells....oh those Sobells...... You guys both have such a knack for making each tune your own. OS, is that the first time we've heard you picking a lead on the geetar? Looks like those Bryan Sutton lessons are already paying off big time. I agree with Manfred that the tone your pulling out of the Silverangel just gets better and better.
  27. OldSausage
    Sounds very cool indeed on the resonator, Michael, and nice arrangement too.

    Thanks very much Rob, and yes, I think that may well be the first guitar lead I've featured in these pages. I've only just started going through all the stuff on Bryan's site, but it's pretty cool. I've been getting more adventurous on the 6 string as a result.
  28. OldSausage
    I had another go at this on the new Jacobson:

  29. Colin Braithwaite
    Colin Braithwaite
    Very nice, David. I listened to both of your versions (from last year and this) on two very different mandolins back to back. Both very pretty!
  30. OldSausage
    Thanks Colin, yes I feel very lucky to be able to have both of these very different but great mandos.
  31. David Hansen
    David Hansen
    David, that's some nice playing and that new mando of yours sounds phenomenal, really rich tone and a unique design to boot. Congrats.
  32. shortymack
    What a great tune!....something about it just makes you feel good.

    I agree Dave, awesome sound, style and playing. Your new J has a nice pleasing tone to it. Im going to have to give this one a go sometime.
  33. Hendrik Luurtsema
    Hendrik Luurtsema
    Extremely nice David. Are you gonna keep that mandolin? It has a very sweet sound...
  34. OldSausage
    Thanks very much, David, Vic and Hendrik. Yes, I'm keeping this one, it's really got something.
  35. laura809
    This thread has become a really fine sound sampler of great mandolins. OS, that new mandolin is a nice brighter contrast to the deep warm tones of the Silver Angel.
  36. shortymack
    Im late to the party but heres my quick version of this cool tune.

  37. OldSausage
    Nice picking there SM, and a very different and interesting arrangement. How did you embed the Soundcloud player?
  38. shortymack
    Thanks David, I try to do my own take on things just like you do and wanted to give the tune an up beat feel. Regarding the soundcloud embed, I wrote Scott yesterday asking if he could add a BB (wrap) icon to the reply menu for soundcloud. Hes on a site related vacation and still found the time to immediately do it. So everyone can now embed soundcloud files directly to their posts on the cafe.
  39. dusty miller
    dusty miller
    Just started this one last night, first post, Red Prairie Dawn. Needs some work but I wanted to start posting, Lots of takes , played on a Michael Kelly
  40. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    This is great tune, and in this thread and online there are so many different treatments of it, at different speed and with different mood, and it always works just fine.

    Here is mine, played on my 1921 Ajr (a proper old-time mandolin...), with backing on two different tenor guitars -- playing arpeggios on my resonator tenor over a strummed rhythm on the acoustic. For the repeat of the tune I've also added a somewhat rudimentary mandolin chop. Not being a bluegrasser, my chopping isn't really crisp enough or driving enough. Should probably have used the F5 rather than the Ajr for the chop.

  41. dusty miller
    dusty miller
    Sounds great Martin, love the visual as well
  42. OldSausage
    Nice picking, Dusty - watch out for some of those note values: if you try counting along with your playing, there's some time missing time at the end of each section of the A part, and then in the B part where you go down on the lowest string it happens too. Good work from Martin too - takes a lot of chopping to get that chop down!
  43. dusty miller
    dusty miller
    Thank you David, I'll have to start religiously using the metronome and counting. Nothing throws off a song like bad timing.........Kris
  44. OldSausage
    Well, your timing is good, actually - I think it's just a problem with reading the tab and missing out some of the note durations. I hope that makes sense.
  45. dusty miller
    dusty miller
    That makes perfect sense, I know how to slowly read music so I don't know why I was using my ear instead of slowly working it out the right way.Started to play it and hear it a said oh I got it and got ahead of myself.Lesson learned.Thanks again for your feedback,Much appreciated......Kris
  46. Gelsenbury
    Rex Preston and Miranda Sykes were supporting Show of Hands at a concert that we saw a couple of months ago. Rex is a really good mandolin player, and Red Prairie Dawn is included on Miranda and Rex's second CD, Sing a Full Song. It's a very good record.

    There are many great versions here too. Old Sausage's second take and shortymack's lively version are my favourites.
  47. Manfred Hacker
    Manfred Hacker
    Finally managed to record this beautiful tune.
    Thanks for all the inspiration: Rob, the Davids, Michael, Sean (thanks for suggesting a slower pace ) and Shorty. Good jobs, Dusty and Martin.

  48. Marcelyn
    That's lovely, Manfred. The slides are really nice and your picking is as clean as ever.
  49. OldSausage
    Beautiful Manfred, really getting nice tone there.
  50. Sasquatch
    I found this this video of me attempting to play this wonderful fiddle tune. I was trying out the F4 and as usual, gave the melody a little too much Monroe. Can't seem to help it.

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