Bluegrass Jams

  1. jackmalonis
    So I'm pretty new to Austin, So I was wondering where/when some cool jams are. (I'm sure there's plenty...)
  2. Mark Seale
    Mark Seale
    Central Texas Bluegrass Association has a weekly jam at Scholz Garden on Sundays.
  3. jackmalonis
    Awesome, Good to know.

    Usually pretty good turnout?
  4. padawan
    For a giant list of bluegrass jams in Austin and pretty much every other town in central Texas, go here:

    The list contains jam sessions that are designated for differing skill levels too.

    I've been to a couple of them and the folks I've met have all been very friendly.
  5. padawan
    Sunday November 10th at Zilker Park there will be a lot of folks pickin' and having a good time.
    Details: Pickin-in-the-Park
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