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  1. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    Thought I'd kick this off and see if we can't get some Ohio pickers together. I'm Tracy, and I live in west central Ohio (a few miles south of I-70, 6 miles from the Indiana line). Been playing about 3 years but don't get the opportunity to play with others much, so my chord speed and chop aren't very good!
  2. Bernie Daniel
    Bernie Daniel
    Good idea Tacy! I 'm out of the woodwork.
  3. Bernie Daniel
    Bernie Daniel
    I could have added I guess -- I'm on the north edge of Cincinnati metro -- in Hamilton Co (Symmes township) near Loveland. I've had a mandolin for years but got serious about try to play it about 3 years ago. Like you I rarely play in a group -- it all virtual for me.
  4. Bob Andress
    Bob Andress
    Hey folks
    I'm up in Cleveland. Also, pickin all by my lonesome. Just started taking mando seriously a few months ago. Let's all keep each other informed of local shows/jams, luthiers and such. Summer's right around the corner, gang. Hope to meet some of you soon!
  5. Chunky But Funky
    Chunky But Funky
    Hi All,
    First off, thanks Scott for making this available. I live in Pittsburgh, but we have a camp in Andover, OH. So, I guess I'm a part-timer. I would love to get together with some NE Ohio pickers (Pymatuning area) in the summer. That is if we can ever get up there with my son's baseball schedule!

  6. F5G WIZ
    F5G WIZ
    Hey all, Darrin here. Live in South Western Ohio, 20 min from Wilmington. Played in a Gospel group called Eastern Sky for about eight years.( http://www.myspace.com/easternskybluegrass ) Not currently active in a band. Glad to be part of the group. Thanks for the invite from my good friend Tracy (tearin' it up) Tucker. I have two mandolins An F style Poe #5 and a four point Neely #7O something. Love to hear from other nearby Bucks. PS: I hate the Steelers! No offense Chunky. haha
  7. Scotti Adams
    Hey..Scotti Adams here. I make my home in SW Ohio..Sardinia to be exact. About 7 miles east of Mt. Orab. I currently play in a band called called Coal Train and just recently obtained a brand spankin new Austin Clark mando which is w/o a doubt the best mando Ive ever owned. cheers!
  8. Bernie Daniel
    Bernie Daniel
    Scotti -- does your band have a myspace or facebook site with the schedule? I was in Mt. Orab a while back at the library to give a talk on bluebirds. I'll keep and eye on Coal Train schedule and try hook up to listen.

    A little FYI. Not sure if you know it or not but Bruce Clark is a luthier who lives in Hamilton Ohio (near Tracy) and he makes a "Clark" F-5 also.

    Bruce has a picnic every June. This year 5 local area bands will be playing including his band "The Retread Bluegrass Band" they are on myspace.

    Last year Bruce built his own sound studio on the farm and the band is recording a CD in it - so he's pretty handy.

    The picnic is invitation only --admission is a covered dish -- no alcohol allowed -- but the picking and singing is great. This year it is Sunday, May 31 - 2 pm to 7 pm (or until no one can pick anymore).

    I know Bruce pretty well and could advise him of your interest if there is any but he would have to make the invite.
  9. Scotti Adams
    As of yet Coal Train has no website or anything like that. We have been playing quite a bit ay Gary Strongs place http://www.grantcokytourism.com/attr...ll-theatre.htm I think we have two dates in May to do there. The 9th and 23rd. I think I have heard of Bruce Clark..I will have to keep my opne for jis mandos. The picnic sounds like a good time but I think Im busy that day.
  10. coletrickle
    Hi all. Cole Christenen here. I live in Bowling Green and play in a an old time string band and guest with a few others from time to time. I've been playing for about five years I guess. I also play banjo, guitar, uke banjo and fiddle (very poorly), but mando is my mainstay. Picking an early 80's Alvarez that I got from the Mandolin Store before they moved. Sure wish they were still located in Ohio!
  11. coletrickle
    I guess I should add that I host a radio show on BGSU community radio, WBGU 88.1 FM every Thursday from 4-6 EST. I play a lot of bluegrass, oldtime and Americana music and feature the mando a lot. Live stream at http://www.wbgufm.com
  12. Yellowmandolin
    Hey all, I'm Jacob Hawkins and I live in Athens, but spend a fair amount of time in Columbus. I have played in a few bluegrass bands but am not in one at the moment. Currently I am working with Don MacRostie at Red Diamond Mandolins learning the trade from a really incredible man.

    Cole, my little brother goes to BGSU so I'll let him know about your radio show. I'll try to catch it down here through the stream, too!
  13. coletrickle
    Hey Jacob. That would be really cool if both of you was able to listen! Does he like that kind of music? Bluegrass and old time is not the most popular music in the area but I am always amazed when people catch my show and call in and say they love it. A small but dedicated support group. Tell him to be sure to check out the Black Swamp Arts Festival in downtown Bowling Green, September 11 -13. Tons of great music and art and all free. If anyone is interested in that festival, just let me know. I'm on the performing arts committee. We have one heck of a line up this year, although I'll admit not a ton of straight ahead bluegrass.
  14. F5G WIZ
    F5G WIZ
    Hey Jacob, we met at the Monroe Camp back in Sept. Hows everything going? You goin back to the camp this year?

    Darrrin Tissandier
  15. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    This is great, when I looked last time there were 8 members, and now we're up to 11!
  16. Bernie Daniel
    Bernie Daniel
    Cole -- I once had one of those (I think late '70's) Alvarez mandos. I was totally entralled a with as it was a beautiful piece -- had a "vine of life" inlayed on the fingerboard.

    It was nice sounding but I came to realize that it did not have the best projection. I expect that the top was --like the Gibsons of the era -- too thick.

    Anyway, I traded it away to an old gentleman who called himself a traveling instrument trader. He was around 80 I guess and from Downer's Grove Illinois. He used to come through Columbus every few months with a beat up old Olds stationwagon filled with vintage stringed insturments. I traded the Alvarez for a 1919 Gibson F-2 and some cash. But I ofter wish that I had kept that old Alvarez.

    There is a guy posting a lot of tunes on YouTube with an 80's era Alverez -- he had it re-graduated and that thing sounds like a tone monster to me.
  17. Bernie Daniel
    Bernie Daniel
    Wow don't try to do an edit as you'll end up with a half dozen dups -- I think there are a few glitches in the new Social groups softwarre. I'm sure they'll get worked out soon. Sorry about the same message three times!
  18. Bob Andress
    Bob Andress
    Hey Bernie - You ever have one of them late 70's Alverez mandos???
  19. mandorando
    Hello Ohio Mando People!

    Thanks Tracy for starting this up! My name is Randy, I'm in Cincinnati (Pleasant Ridge). I too had one of those late 70's Alverez mandolins, btw.

    I've been playing off and on for many years, but only recently starting practicing daily, and learning to read music. I play about once per month with a Louisville, KY group called Troubadours of Divine Bliss, but otherwise mostly at home.

    Yesterday I took the plunge and bought a Lebeda Varnished Fern, it's hard to not keep picking it up and playing it!

    Again, glad to see other Ohio people on here, even some from pretty close by!

  20. violmando
    HI all! I'm Yvonne from Yellow Springs. I know Bernie from the Dayton Mandolin Orchestra, which I play in. I have a Larson/Stahl mandocello, a Trinity College mandola, and a Washburn MS mandollin which is a copy of a Lyon & Healy C that I'm still breaking in; I play mandocello the most. I don't do Old-Time on my mando, but I DO do it on fiddle. I stick to classical and ragtime on mando. If any of you are interested in that, please check out the Dayton Mandolin Orchestra at www.dayton mandolin.net. And I'd LOVE to know of any guitar/vintage instrument shows/sales from Columbus south or any Old-Time/folk events, too. I also do ethnic music. This is a GREAT idea---I went to school at BG; that radio show sounds GREAT and the Black Swamp Festival is PHENOMINAL!
  21. Bernie Daniel
    Bernie Daniel
    Hi Yvonne,

    Hey I'm probably going to go by the Guitar Center sometime this week end -- I'll check on that mandobass (or whatever we've decided it is)!

  22. Bernie Daniel
    Bernie Daniel
    mandorando: Yesterday I took the plunge and bought a Lebeda Varnished Fern,

    Bernie: Very cool. Congratulations!! They are great mandolins -- I assume you bought it from Jeff C.?
  23. Bernie Daniel
    Bernie Daniel
    Slim Pickins: Hey Bernie - You ever have one of them late 70's Alverez mandos???

    Bernie: Why yes, yes I did have one! How on earth did you know that?
  24. Bernie Daniel
    Bernie Daniel
    Tracy, you have created a monster here. Good job.
  25. mandorando
    Hi Bernie and all,

    Yep, I got in from Jeff Cowherd in Walton, KY. I had actually played this very mando 5 years ago at a guitar show, it's the 25th Anniversary Fern with 1978-2003 on the truss rod cover. It just took me a while to feel like I could spend a little more than my previous mandos. But I'm turning 50 this year and I have a really wonderful wife! Jeff had loaned it to a museum in Nashville for a couple years, so I'm actually the first owner.

    Jeff has his own line now (J.Bovier), some very nice instruments for the money. It was hard to leave there yesterday, so many mandos, so little time!
  26. Bernie Daniel
    Bernie Daniel
    Glad to hear his business is doing fine. I agree those J Bovier mandolins are an extremely fine value for the money. Jeff set the specs for that line of mandos himself and he did a fine job IMO
  27. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    I almost bought a JBovier from the Classifieds, but I'm used to a radiused fretboard, and it was the Hawaiian Sunrise (Sunset? I forget!) color... a little bright for me. I went for a Jade instead; should receive it in a few weeks.

    Bernie - glad to see you're pulling this group together!
  28. Frank Johnson
    Frank Johnson
    Ohio Pickers? I'm in. Thanks for the invite!

    I've been playing mandolin since January of '09, so am extremely green but am having fun with it.

    Although I live in the hills of Hocking County, I don't have many chances to pick with anyone else, either, but that's because of my job... I work evenings with Sunday and Monday off. Most festivals and things like that are winding down by then.

    It would be fun to meet other faceless names at a festival somewheres. I'm always looking for someone wearing a Mandolin Cafe cap!
  29. Bernie Daniel
    Bernie Daniel
    Tracy: I went for a Jade instead; should receive it in a few weeks.

    Tracy what is the story with Jade mandolins? A new mandolin is always exciting!

    Did you notice that the social group messages do not have "quotes" icon? Strange. I wonder if Scott knows about that?
  30. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    Hey Bernie!
    An American man named Bob McRee is living/working in China. He has found 2 brothers who are violin makers, and has talked them into also making mandolins. There's a few threads on them on the Cafe; one is under 'Post a Picture of Your Mandolin'. I think they've been working on them a year or so. Anyhoo, I've heard good things. The nut width (1 3/16") has me a tiny bit concerned, as I'm used to 1 1/8", but I don't think it will be too much of a problem. Ed Dye has a music shop in Abilene and he had 3 of them in; there aren't very many floating around as yet, so I figured I'd better jump on it.
  31. David Back
    David Back
    Hello buckeyes I live outside st paris ohio. I started playing mandolin in january 09 and still have small animals scared for miles around. I would love to be in touch with the somewhat local mandolinists. I own a j bovier f5 tradition thanks to alot of help from jeff cowherd and i am having a ball trying to learn .
  32. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    Welcome David! Whereabouts is St. Paris? I know I've heard of it.
  33. Pickin' on the Man
    Pickin' on the Man
    Hello, everyone! Awesome to be part of the group. Been playing since November '07. Just bought my first instrument (a '99 Dearstone F5M) this past November. Live in Granville, OH, just outside Columbus. Fortunate to work at Denison University, which has an actual bluegrass music program. As I'm learning this beast, I feel blessed to be able to hang out with some really talented students. Even singing a number or two! Strange for a guy new to bluegrass. :o) For those in the area, the college has a free bluegrass ensemble concert twice a year. Concert this weekend, May 1st, 8:00 PM. Swasey Chapel. Come on out if you're nearby. It's loads of fun (my own hack playing notwithstanding). Would certainly be open to gathering with some other Ohio pickers. Take care.

    Greg Phlegar (a.k.a Pickin' on the Man)
  34. Yellowmandolin
    Hey Greg, I lived in Granville and started playing mandolin at that ensemble when I was a freshman in highschool! Pretty nice of Andy to let a knucklehead like me in! Too bad I never actually went to college there.. I'm disappointed I won't be able to make this concert, but for those of you who are able to make it over, it's a blast.
  35. David Back
    David Back
    Tracy st paris is north of dayton say 30 miles if that helps. We live at Kiser lake state park out in the middle of nowhere.
  36. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    Just found this interesting little tidbit, a bluegrass cafe open in Newport, KY (just across the river from Cincinnati). The owner is Gracie Muldoon, who dj's on WorldWideBluegrass.com.
  37. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    Thanks for the info, David! You're pretty close to LateBloomer, she's west of Urbana a little bit.
  38. j-bro
    Good morning everyone.. like slim above I, also am in the Cleveland area.. live near Akron.. work around east 105th street.. I play mostly alone.. though I sometimes play with another guitar player.

    thanks for starting this group hope to find out more about music and such in the area.
  39. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    There's 3 of you now in the Cleveland area.
  40. Steve Williams
    Steve Williams
    Howdy folks...Steve Williams here, from Washington County in SE Ohio. I'm a transplanted WV boy and have been playing for a few years, mostly Gibson A's...an A-Jr and an A9. I've played in some regional bands, and currently perform in the duet "Heart Of The Hills" with my lovely wife Diana.
  41. Bernie Daniel
    Bernie Daniel
    "Steve Williams here, from Washington County in SE Ohio."

    Alright! Great to hear a voice from the unglaciated Ohio deep in the Hocking Hills!

    Steve you and your wife have any CD's or a myspace page?

    Can't beat those A-9's with a stick. I have an A-9 and an F-5 Fern and there is not a dime's worth of difference between them in the sound -- but one costs four times the other !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That's a lot of $$$ for a scroll!!!
  42. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    Quote: Just found this interesting little tidbit, a bluegrass cafe open in Newport, KY (just across the river from Cincinnati). The owner is Gracie Muldoon, who dj's on WorldWideBluegrass.com.

    Just a report - hubby and I ate lunch here today. It's very good! Soup, salad, and sandwiches. But the best part is that they have a jam session every Saturday... people are in and out all day long with their instruments.

    Also found that the Northern Kentucky Bluegrass Music Association is now having a bluegrass jam every 4th Friday at 6:00 at Willis Music on Mall Rd. in Florence. The store manager said they had 120 people show up for the last one!
  43. JayFray
    Howdy Ohio pickers,
    Its always nice to find a place where people love music as much as I do... Can't really talk music to too many of my super sport head friends;-) I love sports but I would rather talk notes! I'm from Cincy. I play in a couple bands(guitar/mando/vocals/harmonica). Just can't get enough
    Hey violmando I came up and sat in w/ the DMO but I can never find the time to fully commit. Maybe someday... I also play lots of solo gigs..... Y'all can hear some of my couch recordings on myspace if interested: myspace.com/jayfraymusic
    Have a good one all!!!
  44. MikeBrennan
    Another Cleveland area picker here. I mostly play guitar in an Irish Trad band. Play a little bouzouki too. Lately I've been getting into bluegrass mandolin. I'm also learning jazz guitar and played rock,blues, R&B, etc. in various bands over the past few decades.

    I live in Perry in Lake county, about 30 miles east of Cleveland on the lake (that's lake Erie).

    Mike Brennan
  45. Steve Williams
    Steve Williams

    No media links or CD yet, although there are plans for both. Our duet started out as a casual fun "in between bands" thing, and then it took off and developed a life of it's own! Thanks for asking...

    Actually, I think that the only place that either of us is up on media at the moment is me with my buddy Dave Payne from Elk River Harmonicas: www.youtube.com/watch?v=bddeqQ8Ew_4 Dave wanted to post a sound clip of that particular model of Seydel harmonica, which happens to be one of the ones that I use.

    We live out off off 550 between Marietta and Athens. I've played over your way a few times over the years with different groups: Ronnie Workman's Festival, Old Settlers Reunion at Jacksonville, some square dances over at Millfield, "Showdown" on WOUB in Athens...

  46. Steve Williams
    Steve Williams
    Hey Bernie...for some reason I had it in my head that you lived over this way, that's why I mentioned the local gigs. duhhh...
  47. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    As many people as we have in southern Ohio, I think we're gonna have to schedule a mando tasting/picking party/cookout!
  48. JayFray
    I'm Down W/ a Pickin Party!!
  49. David Back
    David Back
    Just so happens I have some homemade wine just looking for a pickin party. If anyone would be interested purely medicinal of course.
  50. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    I'd be willing to have it at my house if we can't find a location in or close to Cincy. My house would be alcohol-free though.
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