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  1. bmac
    Am I the only person to notice that there are remarkably few members of the Stradolin group who have personalized avatars? At any given time, at least in my observations, there are usually only a few with avatars which show up on the discussion site. Other sites though seem to have many more.

    I don't know what this means... In my case it means that I am so incredibly incompetent with web site stuff that I haven't bothered to even figure out how to post an individualized avatar..... One of these days, maybe.... or maybe not.....
  2. Dobes2TBK
    I'll go with "electronically challenged" - being so challenged myself ... and then there's those who haven't made it a priority (yet) to put up an avatar.
  3. DerTiefster
    I gotta pitcher -- me and my 6'4" baby boy. (That's why I'm the little guy in the photo.) Marry a woman with tall male relatives, and you run a risk of being dwarfed by a manchild. Happened to me a few times. bmac has no avatar showing, as one of life's little ironies...
  4. bmac
    It just occured to me why there may be so many folks without avatars visiting this site.... I visit it once or twice per day and post comments fairly often... maybe that is why there are so many visits from folks without avatars... Maybe they are all me.

  5. DerTiefster
    And bmac is startled by the observation which has startled everyone since the Fall: it's all about him.
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