Kimble-Fest anyone?

  1. JimRichter
    I know Wheel is resistant to the idea, but I would like to us plan a Kimble-Fest for Wheel maybe next year or 2011 to celebrate 10 years of building and probably his 200th instrument by then. Would be a great opportunity for all of us to socialize and pick, as well as honor Wheel. Obviously we'd need entertainment--maybe Compton, or Statman (who is playing his Kimble F5), maybe some of us in small ensembles. Maybe arrange it near Cincinnati where Wheel lives, Bloomington (where I am and can arrange stuff), Nashville (around IBMA), maybe Owensboro around a Monroe Camp, etc.. We would just need a good central convenient location.

    Ideas? Yeas or Nays?
  2. Gary Hedrick
    Gary Hedrick
    I will get some pictures taken of #116 and #117............thanks Jim
  3. Oggy
    How about Sweden? That's a good central conveniant location... at least for me.

    Sounds like a great idea... wish I could come.
  4. Don Christy
    Don Christy
    I like the idea. I hope to have my Kimble toward the end of this year and would probably travel to Cinci, Bloomington, or Nashvile. Of course, St. Louis is pretty central too!
  5. Scott Tichenor
    Scott Tichenor
    IBMA might be a good time to do something like this. I'd be up for tossing some Cafe funds behind something like this. Heck, if nothing else, we could have a great party.
  6. JimRichter
    I agree with you, Scott. IBMA is most likely the best time and place to do it. Is this something we want to shoot for this year or in 2010?
  7. bud
    I'd be up for it, Although I always have a conflict with IBMA.
  8. sgarrity
    Plan it and we will come! I'd certainly do my best to attend.
  9. Don Christy
    Don Christy
    I would try to attend as well! Haven't been to IBMA before. Sounds like great fun.
  10. makoto
    That would be great, I will try to get there, whereever and whenever you decide to have it. I will get a picture of the two-point and post it here, (but don't hold your breath!).
  11. JimRichter
    Have been offered free space/concert space etc. in Cincinnati by Scott Carnder, another Kimble fanatic. I actually think it would be best to shoot for Cincinnati since that's where Wheel lives. It's fairly central and we can schedule a time when everyone who'd like to go could go (so wouldn't conflict with things like IBMA, Kaufman Kamp, Monroe Camp, etc).
  12. Scott Tichenor
    Scott Tichenor
    Works for me. I'd be willing to put plenty of work on this from my end and possible some Cafe $$.
  13. Jeff A
    Jeff A
    Cincinnati would be great. I like the idea of a nonconflicting date. I am going to plan on coming.
  14. Don Christy
    Don Christy
    Cincinnati would be fine with me. I do wonder if we wouldn't get more people at IBMA though. Is Wheel going to IBMA anyway?
  15. Will Kimble
    Will Kimble
    I don't know about a Kimble-fest, but I am planning to have a mandocentric pickin' party at my house (or somewhere close by) in the next month or two. I will post info once I settle on a date. Will just be burgers, beer and pickin, probably on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. I am hoping my Dad will come up so he can meet some of you guys.

    Will Kimble
  16. JimRichter
    I think you're getting to a point, Will, where you can't buck the masses. We'll have a Kimble-fest whether you're there or not
  17. Don Christy
    Don Christy
    Kimble-fest ... pickin' party ...

    I think we could survive having both.
  18. Eddie Sheehy
    So... is this still in the works? There are at least 3 Kimbles on the Left Coast - Mine and Shaun Garrity's two... NAMM is in January...
  19. Amandalyn
    Sounds like a great time, I'll try to come and bring his first "F".
  20. David Horovitz
    David Horovitz
    New Kimble player here and I'm on the West Coast. Unfortunately I'm not able to travel much due to family/work obligations but I'll be there in spirit whenever and wherever there's a gathering of Kimble mandolins and their caretakers!
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