Orpheum 2 Point Mandolin

  1. mandrian

    I added a photo to the gallery of a Orpheum 2 point that I recently purchased. I believe that it probably dates from around the late 30's. I think its all original other than the bridge, although I do have the original bridge too.

    I have strung it up with Thomastik Mediums and it honestly sounds great. I paid around $500 for it, which perhaps is a bit high for a Strad-O-Lin, but then again I have not seen too many of this style and in this condition.

    I have mandolins that I have paid big bucks for, but if I ever come across hard times and have to sell my others, then I would be quite content with this mandolin. I love it!

    Let me know if you want any further images posted.

  2. bluesmandolinman
    I had two of these 2-point Orpheum.
    Both were very good sounding mandolins.
    Enjoy it !
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