Bowl Mandolin

  1. dtg
    Just joined your group and looking forward to learning more about medieval music. Currently, I have focused my mandolin playing on Celtic music but just purchased an old Ditson Conquest Bowl shaped mandolin. Not knowing who had the instrument last and when the strings were changed, I plan to change the strings to those I have been using on my mandolin, D'Addario .010, .014, .024 and .038. Do any of you have a string recommendation for a bowl type of instrument and should I be concerned with neck tension? Thanks.
  2. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    Welcome dtg. The "Medieval Tunes For Beginners" thread may be a good starting point to pick up some easy tunes.

    As for your bowlback, those strings are too heavy for most bowlbacks. They will constrict tone and over a longer period may cause structural damage. Try GHS ultra lights A240 (.009 - .032).

  3. dtg
    Martin, thank you for the information. I am anxious to get started and be able to work with the instrument on some of this music.
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