Here's my Strad-O-Lin

  1. Cliff K
    Cliff K
    I've just joined this forum and I am really happy to find a Strad-O-Lin enthusiast group. I am new to the mandolin, but I really like my Strad-O-Lin. I would like to know more about it, the year, type of construction, etc. From what I can tell, it's a solid spruce top, the back and sides look like lightly flamed maple, I would like to know if they are solid or laminate, the type of bracing, any other interesting construction details. The neck looks like maple, the fret board and adjustable bridge look like rosewood, the binding appears to be painted as the grain of the top shows through in places, the fret markers look like metal, the headstock logo has a deco look, maybe the logo design will place it for a production year? I have a chipboard case that looks newer and generic; I am looking for a hardshell case to fit it if anyone happens to have one or know which ones will fit. The scale is 14". When I got the instrument I took it to my local music shop and they put new tuners on it. The neck is straight and the action is low. I do not have a lot of experience playing mandolin, but this mandolin sounds great. I am really happy with it but I would like to know more about it. It looks like it was well played as there is a space worn on the upper edge of the pickguard, but it seems to have been kept in good condition, I don't see any cracks or things other than playing wear. There is a lot of checking in the lacquer finish, but that suits me fine as I love old instrument and old lacquer finishes. It's nice to be here, and it's great that there is a group to support these cool old instruments.


    I have posted pictures on the picture page, but here is another thread with pictures of it:
  2. bmac
    I have one with a spruce top as well... My other has a maple top and there is a slight tonal difference perhaps due to the different woods but they are both fine instruments. The intact pick guard and cloud tailpiece are desirable items.

    Bart McNeil
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