Dayton area has some good stuff going on...

  1. UncleDave
    Greetings Ohioans!
    I live just S. of Dayton. We have a pretty active bluegrass jam scene, quite comfortable for a relatively new guy...Springboro, Fairborn, New Carlisle, St. Leonard's Center. All are welcoming crowds with a variety of skill levels.

    A couple highlights...

    Of local note is the Appalachian Studies program at Sinclair Community College (Dayton) which offers Saturday morning bluegrass "class". There's a one hour session by instrument (mando, fiddle, banjo, guitar), then another hour "ensemble" where we all gather. The first session for mandos has a teacher (Joe Bowsman [sp?]) with about 6-8 of us pickers. It's small enough to be able to ask questions and get some quidance. The ensemble session is more of a structured free-for-all with the various teachers leading songs and everyone else trying to stay on the bus. Cost is ~$90 for the semester; free for ages 60+. I've gotten some valuable tips, met some good folks, and logged good practice time.

    Another highlight is the Yellow Springs Hootenanny starting up Jan 19, 2013 from 6-9pm. This is the first of a 3rd Saturday monthly gathering for unplugged instruments doing folk, bluegrass, Americana. It will be in the Coretta Scott King center on Livermore St. on the Antioch College Campus in Yellow Springs.
  2. justkaron
    WoW!! Thanks for posting this Dave! I live in Monroe and had no idea all of this was so close. Will be check some of this out!

    When/where does the Springboro group get together? Or the New Carlisle?
  3. UncleDave
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