My Grandad's Stradolin

  1. Nit Picker
    Nit Picker
    After being about forgotten about in a dark closet for many years, my Grandad's Stradolin is being given new life. My husband decided as a surprise for me for Christmas, he would see if he could get a thick coat of paint off of it that my grandfather had applied to it in late stages of dementia before he passed away. My husband was delighted to find that underneath that mess was beautiful wood and a perfectly intact instrument without any major flaws! We are so excited about this project! I spent Christmas day ordering new strings, bridge and nut and "Mandolins for Dummies" book. The mandolin brings back many nice memories of Grandad patiently teaching me where to put my fingers to play little tunes when I was a child. The Stradolin and I....We are both going to play again! Life is good.
  2. bmac
    These are wonderful sounding instrumnets.... My latest restoration/repair sounds like your grandfathers instrument. Well loved but poorly repaired with house paint amateurish repairs. I hope yours works out as well as mine... I think it will because mine was in a bit worse shape than you.

    Bart McNeil
  3. bmac
    My response to your comment should have read: " My instrument was in a bit worse hape than yours".


    Bart McNeil
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