The Cliffs of Moher

  1. Joe Nobiling
    Joe Nobiling
    Irish Jig, The Cliffs of Moher, played by Joe Nobiling on a mid 1930s model Gibson mandolin at a slower jig tempo because it's such a beautiful melody and, to me, sounds really, really good at this speed. But maybe I've been listening to Martin Hayes too much. Hope to get to the Cliffs of Moher someday.

  2. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    That's beautiful, Joe. I've never heard the tune. Found it on, in two different keys, A dorian and E dorian, it seems that the one you are playing closely resembles the A dorian one, here I've downloaded it and will put it on my quickly growing lists of cool tunes to learn! I should be practicing for our upcoming gig, rather than this social group stuff... oh well!
  3. Eddie Sheehy
    Very nice Joe, I could almost see O'Brien's Tower and feel the rain on my face as I cowered behind a stone wall to shelter from the gale-force winds...
  4. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Cliffs of Moher

  5. CelticDude
    Yes, when we went to Ireland, the Cliffs were our first stop. It was in July, all of 40 degrees, cloudy, with a good wind. We were not going too close to that edge. Fantastic view, and it was the coldest day we were there. Got up to around 70 after a couple of days, and people were on the beach, while we were still wearing our jackets.

    BTW, nice playing Joe. Fun ornamentation and good tremolo-ing
  6. Joe Nobiling
    Joe Nobiling
    Thanks, y'all. Great pic, Barb. It is the A version, I'm playing.

    Knowin' how blustery and wild it can get there from what y'all have experienced, playin' it faster could probably really bring that aspect to mind quite well, I'd think.
  7. CelticDude
    Yet another jig we do in the band, with Morrison's and Lark in the AM. Here I just do Cliffs, but the second time thru is more the cliffs of Bulgaria...

  8. Susanne
    Joe, whereever you are (haven't seen you post in a while), you do this beautifully!!! Jigs can be wonderful when they're slowed down.
  9. chrisblack
    Also a tune I really like.....


  10. Jill McAuley
    Jill McAuley
    Nice one, Chris!
  11. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    David, very nice! I couldn't see your smile (haha!) but you did look like you were about to break out into a jig while playing!
  12. Eddie Sheehy
    I've been bitten... watch this space...
  13. Susanne
    What a gorgeous tune!!!!!!! I've had a revival with Irish music these days with my new octave mandolin, so I'll sit down and learn some tunes and this definitely will be one of them!
  14. Marcelyn
    This is one I am going to learn too. You all sound great. Thanks for posting it Joe.
  15. Eddie Sheehy
    I was at the Cliffs back in April. The Tourist Board now has a large Parking Lot - with a large fee - and they've paved the pathways all the way up to O'Brien's Tower - which is now a Souvenir Shop and roof-access - for a fee. They have cut Restrooms into the hillside - as opposed to the old days when the "restrooms" were literally cut into the hillside. The View however is still breathtaking and free (if you walk there)...
  16. Susanne
    When we were there we didn't have any cash and they didn't take credit cards for the parking... they nearly asked us to stand there busking for the parking fee (we had instruments in the backseat)
  17. mculliton123
    I remember the gift shop right next to the parking lot. we climbed against a ferocious headwind to the tower and saw the colorful Auk birds soaring among the cliffs below. amazing place!
  18. Jill McAuley
    Jill McAuley
    I was last there Easter weekend of '08 with some pals who'd travelled over from England. We were joking that they needed to put up a sign that said "Welcome to the Cliffs Of Moher Experience!" because it felt like a theme park in some ways - but like Eddie said, the view is still the absolute business...
  19. Jim Baker
    Jim Baker
    X: 1
    T:the Cliffs of Moher
    aga bag|eaf ged|c2A BAG|EAF GED|\
    aga bag|eaf ged|
    c2A BAG|EFG A3:|\
    e2e dBA|e=fe dBA|GAB dBA|GAB dBd|
    e2e dBA|e=fe dBA|GAB dBA|BAG A3|\
    e=fe dBA|e=fe dBA|GAB dBA|GAB dBd|\
    e2e dee|cee Bee|GAB dBA|EFG A3|]
  20. gortnamona
    haven't played this one in a fair while, its a cracking tune about a beautiful but quite frightening place( very windy on my visit)

  21. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Fine playing, Lawrence. Good triplets in there!
  22. Christian DP
    Christian DP
    Very nice celtic picking, Larence!
  23. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Darn it! Why can’t my metronome teach me this?!
    Nice one Laurence.
  24. Jill McAuley
    Jill McAuley
    Great stuff Lawrence!
  25. Michael Romkey
    Michael Romkey
    Good triplets! Is this by any chance a combination of the second and fifth settings on The Session? (Triplets from the second, descending line toward the end from the fifth.) Doesn't appear to be the ABC quoted above. ...

    It's too bad my late friend Joe's videos (the first in this string) seem to have vaporized. All things must pass, including YouTubes.
  26. gortnamona
    thanks folks. Michael, it could well be, i do chop and change parts from different versions, some because they flow better to me and others just because they're easier to play
  27. Robert Balch
    Robert Balch
    Great playing. I like your triplets too!
  28. Frithjof
    Thanks for this new recording, Lawrence. Great to listen to!
    I link it to the official Week #273 where we find your 2014 recording, too.
  29. gortnamona
    thanks for the kind words Frithjof and also for the link, i did look for the official version but my old eyes just didnt see it, always nice to look back at older recordings in the hope of seeing some improvement , some really nice versions there including your own on a super looking mandolin
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