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  1. Tom Wright
    Tom Wright
    I've uploaded my clips to Soundcloud, for reliable streaming play.
  2. billkilpatrick
    excellent - following! ...
  3. Amandalyn
    Very nice Tom, I'm loving your version of "Long, Long, long". Is that an Octave mando? Do you have tab or a lead sheet for this?
  4. Tom Wright
    Tom Wright
    Thanks, Long, Long is played on a 10-string mandolin. Tuning is mandolin plus mandola C, slightly long scale for mandolin at 14.25".

    I am working myself up to posting videos of some tunes---tab seems daunting for the crowded fingering in some of my Beatles arrangements, and standard notation is awkward because the instrument crosses into bass clef or viola clef area.

    The parallel chords in the verse are 5-5-7-3 (F Maj) 4-4-5-2 (E min) 2-2-3-0 (D min) and 0-9-5 (C Maj).
  5. Amandalyn
    Thanks Tom, would love to see some video.
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