Strings for Vega 203?

  1. harper
    I am about to receive a 1919 Vega 203 cylinder back from a dealer. I understand that it is in excellent condition with no sinking on the treble side and excellent action. However, I think the strings they have on it may be too heavy. Could anyone please recommend suitable strings? I have on hand Savarez Argentine 1540's (10-13-24-34) and GHS A240's (09-13-20-32).

    Thanks very much for your help.
  2. Eddie Sheehy
    I use GHS A240's on my bowlbacks, but I use Thomastik Mittels on my Vega cylinderbacks.
  3. harper
    Thanks very much, Eddie. I learned today that it has been strung with J73's. Do you think that might be too heavy, especially the G's?

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