The Short Mesure Off My Lady Wynkfylds Rownde

  1. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    This early 16th century keyboard tune has been one of my favourites ever since I first heard it on the classic album "The Bones Of All Men" by Phil Pickett and Richard Thompson. Here is the Pickett/Thompson version:

    The sheet music is in a beautiful edition at Icking/IMSLP:


    I have played this straight from the keyboard score at Icking, playing the treble clef part on the Mid-Mo mandolin (the double stops fall nicely on the the mandolin) and the bass clef part on a Hora bouzouki, tuned down to FCGD which makes the open strings fall nicely on the sustained C and G drones in the score.

    Slightly slower than the Pickett/Thompson version (and without electric guitar and rhythm section...)

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