Just found this group

  1. dusty miller
    dusty miller
    Hello from Pa.
    Hello everybody I just found this group and I am a huge Bill Monroe fan.I hope people still post here and I am happy to be here. I own the Bill Monroe box set and listen all the time.
  2. Mike Bunting
    Things are quiet these days, but welcome.
  3. Eric Michael Pfeiffer
    Eric Michael Pfeiffer
    Me too it seems like a great group! I have family near Rosine and remember this little sleepy crossroads before any of the musuems or festival grounds were there. It's nice to see Bill's memory living on.
  4. Mike Bunting
    I've been to Owensboro several time and visited Rosine a couple of times and visited Monroe's gravesite. The area is not unlike the foothills up here in Alberta save for the climate. I met an older lady working in the breakfast area of a motel I was staying at, who told me she was from Rosine and as a child she remembered seeing Bill Monroe on his visits home.
  5. dusty miller
    dusty miller
    I have never been, but it sounds like a good excuse for a motorcycle trip at some point.Check out the area.
  6. Sasquatch
    Long time Bill Monroe fan. Been trying to produce that his 'sound' for years. Ain't there yet!
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