neck/body joint problem

  1. bmac
    A few days ago in 95% heat and high humidity one of my Stradolins self destructed. The neck began to pull up (from string tension) moving in its dove tail joint. I disaassembled the joint and found that it was poorly cut probably long after manufacture in an attempt to change the angle of the neck somewhat. the adjustment had removed some strength of the joint allowing some movement within... so that when the glue softened the neck moved a few degrees tilt forward. Once the neck was removed the problem was clear. I rebuilt the joint with some new wood and reglued it to its original position.

    I am a little curious why that joint lasted so long and then finally gave out... Maybe the heat, or I wonder if the glue was defective. In any case the joint should last quite a while now..... I get better every time I do a repair like this.

    Now to re-install the back... always the most difficult and time consuming part for me.
  2. bmac
    Installed the back yesterday... Took about an hour and am not quite satisfied. I may try redoing the back at the next string change. The neck joint seems to be secure in its original position and the strings seem to be holding their tune so it looks like it was a successful repair.
  3. bmac
    Spoke too soon... Had it up to tune for about an hour and then it began to give way... as mentioned earlier the neck joint had been messed with, probably several times, including mine, so back to square one. Rebuilt the tenon to better fit the mortis and glued the neck back on. Have had it back to playing tension for roughly 12 hours now and it seems to be holding. I will leave t under tension for a few weeks and play it to see if it holds before restoring the finish on the repaired area.
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