3 Scottish Jigs on National RM1 resonator mandolin

  1. donaidh
    Without wishing to cause duplication I just wanted to flag up that I have posted a link over on the Celtic forum to my Youtube channel which features my RM1. Hopefully it will be of interest to members of the group who may not follow the Celtic forum.

  2. GKWilson
    Very nice don.
    [Stupid spell check won't let me use your moniker.]
    I also checked out your 6/8 marches.
  3. liestman
    Mighty fine! What I like most about playing an RM1 is that you can play relaxed and and gently (as you do so well!) and still be heard along with loud instruments.
  4. donaidh
    Thanks Guys! Donaidh is simply the Scottish Gaelic version of Donnie.

    liestman - yes the main reason I got the RM1 was to play along with the button boxes and actually be heard! It's still a challenge sometimes because these Hohner and Paolo Soprani's pack a mighty punch!

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