increased speed

  1. JeffD
    The res allows you to achieve normal volumes with light picking, and the RM-1 gives you good tone there too.

    The result is that I can play incredibly fast at normal volumes, on the res. And, with the sustain, I can almost do away with every other pick stroke. Smmmokin.

    I can play faster on the res than on any other mandolin. This is an unexpected benefit.

    Not that speed is of utmost importance. I am the first to advocate playing no faster than the tune needs to be played. On a practical level, in a jam, all this does for me is allow some nice little interstitial riffs and turn arounds I would normally not attempt. (I have to admit to the guilty pleasure of taking on the local speed demons when it has to be done, and doing better than just holding my own. )

    It has a serious down side: I get used to having that overdrive gear, will screw myself up on the regular mandolin trying to play this fast. My Gibson, which is a real beauty, just requires harder picking to achieve normal volume and tone, and hasn't the sustain. It just doesn't play as fast. (None of the speed demons have caught on, cause they could easily get revenge on me when I was not playing the res.)
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