Pre war? Family heirloom needs some info

  1. xSinner13x
    Mike sent me over here after posting in the main forum.

    after fifteen years of asking, my father finally gave me my grandmothers mandolin.
    My grandparents married in '38 the Mando was new/used?
    It was bought for her shortly after.
    either way here are some stats:

    all maple body and neck
    Brazilian rosewood f/b and bridge beautiful grain
    Brass?/Bronze frets?
    MOP inlay
    not sure but the nut might be ebony?
    Bakelite knobs and PG.
    all slotted screws.
    this baby is 100% original it has not left the house in 40 years that I know of.
    If any of these are not correct please let me know.

    and now the eyecandy....
    I had to use the phone so pardon the quality.

    I read somewhere there is a year stamp in these by the neck, but I'll be dipped if I can see it.

    This is a rare treasure for me it is the only thing I own that belonged to her she passed when I was only 4 yrs old.
  2. xSinner13x
    I have a super bright LED light on my phone, and I could see all inside of the back and where the "neck block?" is. no date.
    I also have the original case, handle intact, if a bit rough.
    there is a proof mark embossed on the back that reads hard, but it includes the words "Puritan"
    And a Chicago address I can't make out.
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