Pilgrims Knob

  1. dusty miller
    dusty miller
    Any Monroe fans out there play Pilgrims Knob? I just learned this one, I know sasquatch (Timothy) plays this one. A really fun tune! I'd post mine but I'm not up to speed yet. Just wondering if anyone else enjoys playing this one? I never heard of it before but really like it.
    Maybe I'll post my slower version.

  2. Mike Bunting
    It's a good one.
  3. Sasquatch
    I recorded this one for the SOTW Forum. I relied heavily on the Bibey/Benson version. Jim Richter plays an awesome version of this tune. He plays the bass string portion between the two other parts as opposed to playing it at the end. Really doesn't matter.
    P.S. I would also love to see some versions of 'The Tanyards'. I nearly have it ready to record. Having a little trouble getting that Monroe-esque feel going on it.

  4. dusty miller
    dusty miller
    I really enjoy your version of this one Tim, looking forward to hearing you pick The Tanyards.

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