Ultimate dawg Music resource?

  1. Mando Smash
    Mando Smash
    Is there a dawg music resource online where there is chords and tabs and maybe videos to download?
  2. mandopete
    Have tried the Acoustic Disc website (David's company) ?
  3. SternART
    There are quite a few transcriptions on www.mandozine.com in the tabledit files.......several include more than just the heads, and chords.......you get to study some Dawg solos. Do you have the Homespun set of book and 6 CD's? That is like the bible, lots of Grisman's classic tunes are in there, and he describes how to play them on the CD's. There are even back up tracks with members of the DGQ playing rhythm for you to practice your parts.
  4. mandopete
    Art - you are the (Dawg) Man!
  5. Mando Smash
    Mando Smash
    Thanks for your replies.I Always anxiously wait for the new songs every month on acoustic disk.com the ones with the PDF music with the song.The stuff on mandozine is great also.I got the dawg tracks homespun book too. I have been wanting to get the 6 cd book thats next on my list.

    Thanks again
  6. SternART
    There are also transcription books for Tone Poems I with Tony Rice and Tone Poems II with Martin Taylor. These were put out by Mel Bay, as I recall, and are possibly out of print now, I'm pretty sure the first one is.......maybe EBAY would be a good place to look.
  7. MandoSquirrel
    Tone Poems II book for mandolin seems to be unavailable.
  8. Paul Lucas
    Paul Lucas
    Tone Poems I is available on Amazon. Also, don't forget Grisman/Garcia's Shady Grove CD. Both the guitar and mandolin transcriptions books for the Shady Grove CD are available on Amazon.

    The following Grisman tunes are transcribed in Masters of the Mandolin by the late David Peters:
    Opus 57, EMD, Big Mon, Rattlesnake, The 8th Of January, Opus 38, Cedar Hill, Albuquerque Turkey, Crazy Creek, Gypsy Basso, Tipsy Gypsy, and Love And Wealth. I've only see Masters of the Mandolin available at Elderly Instruments.
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