1. Michael Bridges
    Michael Bridges
    I'm fascinated by Stradolins, their reputation for being good players, way above their price range, and the loyalty they seem to inspire. I almost pulled the trigger on an EBay Strad a few months ago that looked like it had been refinished with a weed-eater, but changed my mind. Now I'm looking again, and saw an AJr. listed on EBay. What are the differences between the Jr model and others? Just trying to get all my facts straight! Thanks for any input.
  2. Michael Bridges
    Michael Bridges
    Sorry, just revisited EBay, it's simply called a Stradolin Jr.
  3. bmac
    There are only a few photos of the Stradolin Jr. as a seperate model.. I am guessing that it may signify a lesser quality wood selling perhaps for a dollar or so less than those made with a more expensive wood. That is a guess of course. Stradolins list a few different woods in their construction. I don't believe the "Jr." suggests plywood construction.
  4. Michael Bridges
    Michael Bridges
    Thanks, bmac. I'd never seen a Jr before. Think I'll keep my eyes and options open. Not sure if I'm looking to buy, or just looking!
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