New RM 1 for Rag playing

  1. Jesse Harmon
    Jesse Harmon
    Got my new RM 1 a few months back and have been getting acquainted with it. Kind of like getting to know a horse, it just puts up with you but lets you know whenever you are doing something it doesn't want. I'm leaving the original strings for now but will soon change to flat wounds. I primarily bought it for the great sound on the rags but I have an eclectic background so I will be experimenting. Cheers!
  2. Steve-o
    Now that you've been getting acquainted with your new RM-1 for a few months now, can you give us an update on your review? I've wanted one for years but remain sitting on the fence. I'd love to take one to our Irish session but am afraid it will amplify my mistakes!
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