Where are all the new Pava owners?

  1. Sid Simpson
    Sid Simpson
    Hello to all the Pava owners and fans out there. Why aren't there more posts here?

    I was the last poster (OK, of two) in the group, and I am a very satisfied Pava owner (#26). Someone just posted they just received no. 60, so there must be a few of us out there.

    I have one of the last "original" Pavas, where there was just a color choice. How are you enjoying you new player/satin/pros? If you have played different versions, did you notice any difference?
  2. wmaness
    Hey Sid, I just purchased #55 last Saturday. I posted a couple pictures here, I'm sure you probably noticed.
    Mine is the wide nut Pava Pro. She sure has a sweet sound and lots of volume and I'm hoping it's hasn't even started opening up yet.
    It's taking a little while to get used to the wide nut as I've been playing a standard 1-1/8.

    I actually played the black faced #1 last year and liked it but just didn't have the extra cash.
    I'm also curious if other Pava owners have noticed if theirs has opened up since they have had it.

    I would like to see some pictures too.
  3. Arejay
    Hi, new to the forum but purchased PAVA #42 amber satin player from TAMCO UK in January. Play mostly Celtic with a little classical from time to time and find this mandolin has a wonderful range of tone and volume. Also is very tone consistent across the full range and is now, after two months, starting to open up. Only slight concern is the gloss finish on the neck which causes my hand to stick during position changing. Why have this on a satin finish instrument? However still a magnificently made instrument. all the best to all PAVA owners out there - Arejay
  4. wmaness
    Hey Arejay, good to hear from another Pava owner. I would love to see a picture.
    As your mandolin opens up, does it seem to have more volume or better tone, more responsive or more even?

    Just curious as I've only had mine for about 10 days. Mine seems to sound a little different from day to day, somedays louder, other days more toneful. I'm sure humidity affects that. I believe they're like people, somedays better than others.

    Anyways, post us a picture.
  5. Arejay
    Hi Wayne, good to hear from you too - there aren't too many of us owners out there yet, difficult to know whether to keep The Pava a secret or spread the news! I have certainly noticed a change in timbre over my two months of ownership, always difficult to know whether that's a result of a) the instrument, b) the player or c) the pick. I suspect that the volume has not changed but the tone has decidedly loosened on the E. On purchase it was tight on the upper register with a marked change of tone from A to E strings - that is now much more even and consistent in tone. I have changed my pick to a heavier grade 1.2mm Dunlop and that also helped round out the tone - but a little tricky for triplets. Where and how you pick on the string also makes a huge difference in tone - more so than any other I have played. Those people I play with have all commented on how rich a tone there is when picking over the fingerboard. Here in the UK, humidity is not normally too much of an issue, but rapid temp changes don't help as you would expect. I do use mine in pubs/clubs a little but normally keep it in a cool room in the case. Like you say - some days better than others
    Check out theacousticmusicco.co.uk for full photo album under Pava - the amber satin one, I will try and put a picture on when I can work it out
    all the best Arejay
  6. Arejay
    Wayne - hopefully my profile picture should now be on
  7. redwoodrecording
    Hello fellow Pava people! I've owned Pava #1 since November of last year, and can't imagine selling it anytime in the near future.

    I played a few different Pavas for several hours at a local shop while narrowing my search before eventually buying #1 from a cafe member. (Incidentally, you can view pictures of #1 uploaded by the previous owner to this group.) Playability is almost identical on the Pavas I've picked up, which made me feel pretty safe buying one sight-unseen (or sound-unheard, in this case). Tonal qualities have varied in all of them, but for my tastes I would pick most Pavas over any mando I've played in the same price range.

    Regarding changes in timbre, or "opening-up", I'll start by agreeing with Arejay's comment. It's hard to say for sure whether perceived changes are occurring in the wood, the picking style (and pick), strings, weather, the expanding universe, or between the ears. Having said that, and perhaps due to the fact that I gig often and play hard with a heavy pick, I'd swear the tone has noticeably changed in the 5 months I've owned it. I even have a little evidence, sort of...

    When I first bought it, I played it side by side with a few of the other Pavas I'd been considering; it sounded very similar to one in particular. Recently I was able to again play it side-by-side with the same instruments, and it sounded noticeably different (to my ears better), especially in the lower register. It really did sound more open, less muted, less choked, but I don't claim that any of my observations would hold up in a double-blind test. In short, if you believe that instruments "open up", then your Pava probably will - and you can quote me on that.

    These are great instruments. I'm happy to be one of the lucky folks to own one (or #1, in this case).
  8. wmaness
    Hey Redwood, thanks for posting.
    Just a question for you guys, are you still using GHS A270 strings like comes on them?
    Also how often do you change them? I try to play at least 1 hour per day if possible.
    Had my mandolin about 2weeks and I'm starting to think they might need replacing.
    Thanks Wayne.
  9. Arejay
    Hi Wayne
    Just ordered up two sets of GHS A270 from a dealer here in UK - not so easy to find here as D'Addario J74's seem to rule, but I was more than happy with the tone and playability of the original GHS strings so that I will stick with them. I also play at least an hour a day sometimes much more and after two months the tuning is starting to alter more frequently so I will be changing them. I am used to changing my guitar strings, Elixir Nanoweb, less frequently than that, but having tried Elixir strings on my other mandolin (Giannini) I did not like the feel and the coating wore off the strings at the pick point very rapidly. Will stick with what Pava uses as originals.
  10. redwoodrecording
    Hi Wayne,

    I'm a big fan of trying different options in order to find the best fit for your playing. All things being equal, heavier strings should produce thicker tone and greater volume, while lighter strings should be easier to play. I've noticed a lot of manufacturers (maybe most?) ship with fairly light strings, unlike Pava, which should make Pavas feel a bit harder to play in the store. The fact that Pavas feel so playable side by side with lighter-strung mandos is a testament to how well designed and set-up they are.

    I'm currently using D'Addario EXP mediums, which have a slightly lighter A than the GHS strings Pava uses. I'm missing the heavier A, but liking the fact that I've already gotten double the playing time out of these strings, and they still sound good.

    I usually notice strings losing their brightness within a month, sometimes much sooner, but so many factors other than how often you play can affect the time frame. Some people's hands sweat like crazy and kill strings within hours. Likewise, living in a humid environment can wreak havoc on string life. Just use your ears, especially if you're mostly playing at home (I get nervous about old strings breaking at gigs). If your Pava is sounding darker than usual and/or isn't holding pitch as well as you think it should, change the strings. You'll know right away if you were right or not, and after a while you'll get a sense of when it's time. Good luck!
  11. wmaness
    Thanks Arejay & Redwood,

    I will try a new set of the GHS strings. My mandolin was sounding really good tonight. We have been having wierd weather here, warm one day and cold the next and lots of rain. I think this affects the tone a lot.

    I'm sure you guys have seen this video from YouTube by Tom Ellis "We should build mandolins". If not it's really good info about the Pava mandolins. Here is a link. Hope it works.

  12. Peter Coronado
    Peter Coronado
    Hi Sid, thanks for kick starting this! I have Pava S/N 21 which I bet is a twin to yours. Still loving mine. I'm sure you remember playing it last June at the Mando Symposium.
  13. Mark Wilson
    Mark Wilson
    Just received email from Elderly's that my Pava has shipped from Austin. Less than a 2 month wait. I'm anxious to play it.

    My only reference is my KM171 oval A. It sounds good to me so it will be interesting to see how the Pava compares in playability and tone. Will be my first experience playing a mandolin of this caliber with F holes and a radiused fretboard. I might have to take a day off work to play it!
  14. Arejay
    Reckon you might need more than a day - enjoy it!!!
  15. wmaness
    Hey Mark,
    I'm sure you're excited! Congratulations!
    Those new mandolins have a really nice woody smell, kinda of like getting a new car.
    Post some pictures.
    Enjoy, Wayne
  16. Jay G Miller
    Jay G Miller
    Hello all! I am owner of Pava #49. I have owned it for not quite 2 months. I play the tar out of mine, but I am noticing a definite tone difference. This thing is amazing. A real cannon. It holds its own against my nugget A5, and though its not as loud, I actually like the woody tone of the Pava a smidgen better.

    Congrats Mark!
  17. Mark Wilson
    Mark Wilson
    I noticed on the Ellis site he 'recommends' GHS A270 mediums. Assuming the pava comes with those installed that'll be a new string to me. Anybody prefer the GHS's?
  18. wmaness
    Hey Mark, I've always used J74 or the EXP74 strings and liked them a lot.
    The Pava came with GHS strings and the tone was sweeter and darker than the J74.
    I put a new set of GHS A270 on after a few weeks just to make sure the strings weren't dead even though they still sounded pretty good.
    The new GHS strings were much brighter for a few days and then settled into that nice tone. I really like them so far.
    Has your Pava arrived yet? I'm sure you will be happy with it.
  19. Arejay
    Hi Mark, just renewed the GHS 270's on my Pava #42, love the tone/feel of these and Ellis has confirmed that these are standard fit as original. Why change unless you are looking for a different feel. I also will be trying the EXP74,s but I suspect the thinner A may change the smooth tone response that the 270's have. Will post my feelings in due course.
    I am sure you will love the Pava, post a picture and spec when it arrives
  20. Mark Wilson
    Mark Wilson
    Interesting to see your takes on the GHS strings. I guess I was expecting "replaced them with j74s right away".

    Fedex on Wednesday. When I last spoke to Cathy at the Ellis shop, she said they had been waiting on Tom to finish some repair work so he could do the setup on mine and a few others. They must be building Pavas non stop right now. Would be cool to see.

    But cooler to play. 2 more days
  21. pheffernan
    It's hard to believe, but Pava #121 just hit the classifieds: http://www.mandolincafe.com/ads/80044. Now roughly two years into production, the Ellis shop must me averaging about five Pava mandolins a month!
  22. Grommet
    That date fits with my #120 bought in November at TMS. It has been a joy to play.

  23. Nick Gellie
    Nick Gellie
    I am in the process of purchasing a Pava Satin Sunburst mandolin. So I am look forward to getting it in the next few weeks. I will post some pictures when I get it and give a review to you all.
  24. Nick Gellie
    Nick Gellie
    I have added #108 satin sunburst Pava mandolin to the Group's photo collection. It is on its way to Australia as I write this little addition to this thread.
  25. Nick Gellie
    Nick Gellie
    Pava 108 had only been one month in at Fullers Guitars or so they said. It seems to be a bit older based on the one that hit the classifieds in October 2014.
  26. Nick Gellie
    Nick Gellie
    Pava 108 has hit the deck in Australia. It will be a couple of days and it will be here in Mansfield.
  27. Nate Lee
    Nate Lee
    Looks like nobody's been on this thread for a while, but I'm hoping to revive it. Here's my new Pava F5 #194!

  28. Nick Gellie
    Nick Gellie
    Well I am back on board with Pava #14. It is a much better sounding instrument than the #108 I had. It could be because it has a Sugar Maple back. It has also has projection, clarity, tone, and volume. In some ways it is very much like my Collings MT in terms of tone and playability. There is almost a genetic link between the two A mandolins.
  29. OlDanTucker
    HI all! New guy here

    I've had Pava #7 for about two months now and am finally feeling comfortable with it. It's such a big step up and different tonally Eastman 515 that it's taken some getting used to. Lord, that G string!
    It was purchased used from a Café Vendor and I couldn't be happier with the transaction.

    I am having some intonation issues on G and D up about 7-9. Have any of you experienced this and if so, what did you do? I am lucky to be in Austin and can take it to Tom and Pava if its something I can't resolve myself with the help of Rob Meldrum's ebook and some recently purchased tools.

    It looks like there hasn't been a lot of posting on this forum but if my experience is any guage then it's because they are PLAYING them, not nattering on about wood, strings, picks and nuances of sound.

    Glad to be a member!
  30. Davey
    Hi Folks, I got number 37 in a trade recently. I Haven't played it much yet as the strings I put on it sound a bit weak (EJ73's) I've ordered a selection of other strings to try, GHS 270's and DR MD11's. Ej73's sound really strong on my other Instruments, a Paul Shippey Oval hole with a carved cedar top and a flat top Fylde. It's a very elegant and well balanced Mandolin, I hope I find strings to wake it up a bit.
  31. Kay Kirkpatrick
    Kay Kirkpatrick
    Congrats, Davey. My #4 original strings were GHS A270, so those may work for you depending on how you play. I believe I have J62s on it now and I like them just as well. I do not do any heavy or loud playing on my Pava, though. I sure hope you enjoy playing it.
  32. Davey
    Hi Kay.

    At a particular Session I go to I need a bit of volume to hear myself above fiddles and squeezeboxes. I play better when I can hear what I'm doing. At a smaller Old Time session I go to there's no problem. I think my Pava will sound fine when I get the right combination of strings and pick. As an instrument everything feels right about it.
  33. Toycona
    Hello all, I just purchased #262 from Sylvan Music in Santa Cruz. I’m a happy camper.
  34. CBFrench
    Hi folks I went on and joined the group although my Pava is in transit and I should receive it by this Saturday and the wait is torture. I went with the A model torrefied wide nut. I just hope I made the right nut choice. Brian at the mandolin store seemed to think being a guitarist mainly I'd prefer the wide nut.
  35. Dreamer21
    Working on getting the final specs sorted out for my Pava order and then it will be in production! I'm ordering a blonde tortoise bound A4 Pro with a Rose inlay! I'm super excited!
  36. fsusubdad
    Just bought a wide nut torrified satin A from the mandolin store. Should be here in a few days. https://youtu.be/VZdccTOlbs8
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